Tuesday, August 23, 2011

latest tcs placement papers 2011

hi readers and tcs aspirants , we have provied the latest tcs placement (tcs placement papers) collected from internet to help you fair better in tcs placement test 2011 .placement in tcs is conducted the tcs test papres listed here are majorly tcs ece and cse placement papers. thLinke tcs placement papers consist of latest tcs placement papers solved/unsolved ( previous years tcs papers).

latest tcs placement paper pattern
Total number of questions - 35
verbal - 5 to 8
quant - 27 - 30
Time - 60min (80min in some cases)
Tcs Aptitude test cut off - varies from college to college

Negative marks - -0.33 for each wrong ans
the questions for the tcs placement test seems to come from the tcs placement paper question bank which contains 1000 s of questions from which random questions are picked.

latest tcs placement papers (tcs previous years placement parers ).

tcs placement papers 1 - here * on Aug 10th 2011

tcs placement papers 2- here

tcs placement papers 3- here

tcs placement papers 4- here

tcs placement papers 5- here

tcs placement papers 6 - here

tcs placement papers 7- here

tcs placement papers 8- here

tcs placement papers 9- here

tcs placement papers 10- here

latest tcs technical interview questions * to be updated

latest tcs technical interview questions for non cse (non computer science background students)

latest tcs hr round questions * to be updated

latest tcs mr round questions * to be updated

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