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Pulsar 200 review

Pulsar has been a major hit in the market; it comes in four variants: Pulsar 150 DTSi, Pulsar 180 DTSi, Pulsar 200 DTSi & Pulsar 220 DTSi. Bajaj Pulsar DTSi comes with a throttle actuated ignition-control system that works in conjunction with a chip-controlled digital capacitor discharge ignition (CDI) system for accurate ignition timing under all conditions.

The dual spark design accelerates and evens out flame propagation, which results in more efficient combustion and hence leads to better performance.Pulsar's 200cc engine delivers maximum power of 18bhp at 8000 rpm and a torque of 17.68 Nm at 6000 rpm. It looks great with its mean muscular aerodynamic shape.


1) Superb power. It gives great pickup even at higher speeds (80 kmph and above). I have never felt the sound that comes when you slow your pulsar 200 in higher gears and suddenly tops the speed. Company claims the top speed as 130 kmph with 67 kg rider. Though I have touched a high speed of 118 kmph only. May be sometimes later I will get the chance to touch 125 kmph or more mark.

2) Looks: The looks are awsome and no doubt its the smartest pulsar 200 on Indian roads. It is really mean in looks and style.

3) Pulsor 200 has most of the advanced features like digital speedometer, oil cooled engine, tubeless tyres etc. The big rear tyres gives you some extra grip on the road.

4) Balance: The pulsar 200 is very balanced and recalls the movement of Bullet pulsar 200s. Though at speeds more than 85-90 kmph, it start with light vibrations but overall stability remains good. At higher speeds (80 and more), it gives you the sweetest growl of racing pulsar 200s and that feels amazing when you drive the pulsar 200.

5) Pulsor 200 comes with ignition start only in line with racing pulsar 200s. Infact one could never expect a racing pulsar 200 to start with a kick.


1)- Cost: Power charges money so is the pulsar 200. It cost you around 76.5K on roads in Mumbai. Though if you compare with its peers like Karizma and Pulsor220, its a lot cheaper.

2)- Fuel Efficiency: This pulsar 200 is strictly not for people who look for a good mileage. Mine gives a mileage of 37-38 kmpl in mumbai traffic conditions. I would expect the pulsar 200 to even perform better in smaller cities with mannered driving habit and could give you around 40-45 kmpl but expecting more than that from a 200cc engine is a misery.

3)- Comfort: Here is an alert for people who travels too much on pulsar 200 or have to be on pulsar 200 for longer durations. This pulsar 200 is absolutely for racing experience and not designed to provide comfort. So if you want comfort, you should be looking towards other pulsar 200s like Honda Unicorn or Splendor. Again it is not designed in a manner that two persons can sit comfortably. Sitting to rear is a risk as the seat is high and lacks support for holding.

4)- P200 dosen’t come with a kickstart option. For some it may be a thing to consider. But as per my experience, the kick start is not at all required.

5)- Though tyres give nice grip in dry conditions, they are not very efficient in wet surfaces. So there is a word of caution for riders when they go on a wet surface at high speeds.

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saakshi tv launched ( not sakshi tv !! )

saakshi tv | saakshi tv channel | sakshi tv

saakshi tv launched was launched on 21/2/2009.saakshi tv the ‘first high definition Telugu news channel in South East Asia’,

Coming from the house of Saakshi Telugu daily owned by Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, the launch saw politicians from major political parties, barring the grand alliance partners making their appearance at the function marked by eye-catching laser show and a dance and song sequence by popular choreographers from Bollywood.

Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy said Saakshi Telugu daily, which created ripples through its neutral coverage, would continue to follow the same principle while covering news events on the TV channel. Saakshi TV would be beamed round the clock from March 1, he added.

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oscar telecast | oscar timing | oscar live onine

oscar telecast | oscar timing | oscar live online

as theres lots of excitment a india based movie Slumdog Millionaire is nominated in 10 catogories in oscars 2011 81 annuanl awards. all of us are eager to watch oscars 2011 live on tv(or oscars live online). so here the details of the oscars live telecast and oscar timing, do set an reminder in your mobile phones...!!!(there are few rumors that oscar results leaked online , dont trust such rumers)

Oscars 2011 live telecast will be on stat movies ,
Oscar timing in india is 6.30 a.m (28/2/11)
Oscar live online - link(to be updated)

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anna university grade system

anna university grade system | anna university grading system details | annauniv grading system

anna university grade system IS EFFECT FROM 2008 BATCH , the details of the anna university grade system is as follows . hope this this anna university grade system also shows improvements in this test patterns.

anna university coimbatore grade system

HOW TO CALCULATE GPA SCORE FROM anna university grade system ?

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heres the procedure : -

each grade( alphabet ) has got a numeric equivalent (maximum 10)

the vales for grades are

S - 10
A - 9
B - 8
C - 7
D - 6
E - 5
U- BELOW 5(fail)

the gpa sore can be calculated based on the formula

GPA = Total(grade in each paper x credits of that paper)
Sum of the credits of all the papers

Example calculations if the result were this






Paper 2 3 X 9 (A) = 27
Paper 3 5 X 8 (B) = 40
Paper 4 3 X 5 (E) = 15
Paper 5 2 X 6 (D) = 12
Paper 6 2 X 10 (S) = 20
Paper 7 4X 7 (C) = 28
Paper 8 4 X 8 (B) = 32
Paper 1 3 X 5 (E) = 15

GPA SCORE = 189/26 = 7.2

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anna univ jan - feb 2009 results

anna university results 2009| anna univ jan - feb 2009 results| anna univ grading system

anna university grade system

anna university grading system

anna univ jan - feb 2009 results - link

anna univ 2009 result links - link

anna university results 2009 first year BE (first semester results) are unexpectedly out today , the students were in for a surprice to have " anna univ grading system" instead of marks ....!!!,

the grades are issued in the following order of performance , the exact convertion between marks and grades are yet to be clear. for all the students awaiting their
anna univ jan - feb 2009 first sem result - best of luck...!!!

from the grades that are available the most conclusive grade marks conversions are

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the portal is the tamil nadu govenments portal for Department of Employment and Training . the website for tamil nadu employment can assis both job seekers and the recruiters. some of the latest info in the website are

Latest Job Opportunities posting on
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delhi 6 review hit or flop

delhi 6 review hit or flop | delhi 6 reviews | delhi 6 hit or flop | delhi 6 hit ya flop ?

the movie delhi 6 released today , it had lots of expectations from junior bachan , and sure these days money is really precious even if they were ment for movie tickets, hence people are very choose about the movie they watch , hence inderctly internet helps you save lots of bugs..., this is one place to get all types of reviews of movies from all leading online portals , ok now back to delhi 6 reviews online , infact theres been lots of delhi 6 reviews available online , but i have selected a few good and honest delhi 6 reviews. based on these reviews you can come to an conclution of if delhi 6 movie hit or flop(delhi 6 hit ya flop)

delhi 6 review hit or flop by - 1.5/5

On the whole, Delhi-6 has a terribly boring beginning [first hour], an absorbing middle [second half] and a weak end [climax]. At the box-office, the business is bound to be divided. The film may record bountiful collections at multiplexes in its opening weekend. The popular music as also the fact that there's no major opposition will benefit the film in the initial days. But the business at single screens as also the mass belt will be a shocking contrast. However, the cracks will start appearing sooner than expected, even at plexes. Thumbs down! more...

delhi 6 review hit or flop ? by behind rating 2.5/5

On the whole the movie is an account of Rakesh's grudges against the society, though the intentions are noble the final product does leave you a lot to be desired. Even though the movie will satisfy the audience in more ways than one this social satire looks like a half baked collage of many vital social issues. more...

delhi 6 review hit or flop ? by indian express. com

It does, right at the end, but it's done with a staginess at odds with the rest of the film: Mehra keeps heading towards his intent—to show the incredible syncretic nature of one of the oldest parts of the world (at heart ‘Delhi 6' is an old-fashioned cry for Hindu-Muslim amity), but spends all his time in the foreplay, not going all the way. The end peters out.more..

delhi 6 review hit or flop ? Times of India

delhi 6 review by times is to be updated

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billu barber review - hit or flop

today billu barber review released among big expectations from SRK fans. billu barber as we know is a story abt friendship , modeled after krishna n kuselan in the epic, the same movie came out in talim titled "kuselen" , theres lot of talk abt billu barber hit or flop after kuselen (with rajini in it flopped), i was searching around for "billu barber reviews" online and desided to compile a list of billu barber review from top info portals(as of now not many reviews of billu barber review are there )

billu barber reviews online

billu barber review by times of india - rating 2/5
Priyadarshan decides to make (rather remake) another film. Perhaps his criterion for remake depends more on the ease of adaptability, over appeal in the original source. That leads to bland attempts like Billu . more

billu barber review by

You can snip off the 'barber' from Billu, but you cannot take off Billu from Barber. In other words, you can get Irrfan Khan to alienate himself from his persona, but you cannot get the actor to get away from his character! His act is complete. And his Billu is a believable character, who could be you. more..

billu barber review by

Billu has two flavors – the ordinary and the extraordinary. The 'ordinary' part is handled in an extraordinary way while the 'extraordinary' part is essayed in an easy, hands-down ordinary fashion. more...

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the offfcial site of DIRECTORATE OF MEDICAL EDUCATION (ap) is . the site has released the results for

Results of General Nursing & Midwifery Exams, September 2008 - link - link
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valentines day sms | valentines sms

valentines day sms | valentines sms | valentines day greetings | Happy Valentines Day SMS

as valentines day is around the corner (14th feb) all people are on the look out for valentines day picture, valentines day messages, valentines day quotes, valentines day cards etc , so i desided to compile a guide for you guys and girls out there. in case you have decided to propose(a girl/boy) heres a guide that can help you - how to propose on valentines day.

in case you want to try proposing or just flirting on valentines day u can try the following valentines day sms

valentines day sms - 1

Love is not an exam 2 pass or fail,
Love is not a competition 2 win or loss,
But love is a feeling in which u care 4 someone more than yourself

HapPY ValEntiNeS Day

valentines day sms - 2

Time is too slow 4 those who wait,
Too swift 4 those who fear,
Too long 4 those who grieve,
Too short 4 those who rejoice,
Bt 4 those who love, time iz eternity.
Happy Valentines Day

valentines day messages - 3

You are the most special person in my life & I love you from the core of my heart. You are there in me, in my thoughts & in my dreams. Without you my life loses its meaningz. Even an hour without u causes pain in my heart. I wish we would never part.
Your’s forever, Happy Valentine’s Day

valentine day sms - 4

If i reached for your hand , will u hold it ?
If i hold out my arms, will u hug me ?
If i go for your lips, will u kiss me ?
If i capture ur heart , will u love me ??

valentines day sms - 5

I just wanted u 2 know that from the bottom of my heart the day we became one was so special dau for me. You mean more 2 me than u will ever know. I just want 2 thank you 4 the fact that you’re all mine.

Happy Valentines Day

valentines day sms - 6

I love you a lot. Will u b my Valentine? Im dying 2 hear a positive answer from u. My arms are open, please dont keep me waiting for so long.

valentines day sms - 7

Love is like a CD track
That links our hearts together
Dont ever break that CD coz
That wud break my heart too....

valentines day pictures - link

valentines day messages - link

valentines day quotes - link

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valentines day dress code | valentines day colour code

valentines day dress code | valentines day colour code | dress code for valentines day

As lots of people are searching around for what color dress they need to wear on valentines day valentines day dress code( or valentines day colour code)
Single ? find your love
  • Red- Iam in love
  • Blue- I’m free
  • Green- I’m waiting
  • Yellow-going to propose
  • White- Ready for a friendship(Ready for a flirting)
  • Pink- just now accepted
  • Black- proposal rejected
  • Orange- broke up!!!
  • Gray- not interested…
  • any other color - iam very shy

ALL the BEST guys and girls....!!!!

tips propose a girl on valentines day

Valentines day sms

So whats UR valentine colour code ?

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luck by chance hit or flop

Luck by chance is a highly expected movie realeses on jan 30, Luck by chance hit or flop ? we will know the exact result on a weeks time but this is defenalte worth watching as i read few online reviews of luck by chance reviews

luck by chance reviews by behindwoods

Brilliant music and a special appearance coup which leaves even the Yash Raj movies far-far behind, this Konkona Sen, Farhan Akhtar starrer is easily the most awaited movie of the season. A lot was riding on Farhan as his acting debut was the stunning Rock on. And add to the excitement is the directorial debut of Farhan’s sister Zoya. Will this movie turn out to be a lucky affair for the Akhtars?

Overall it’s a well made entertainer. A movie, which will be loved by the multiplex audience but a single screen will be a tough place to woo the audience. A movie which will make you laugh but tries desperately to make you cry too - that could be a minus. But go for it, it’s worth the ticket price. more...

Verdict: An uplifting entertainer "

luck by chance reviews by indiatimes

"Luck By Chance highlights how the film industry give regards to everything else but the story when making a movie and ironically weaves a fascinating story using that paradox. "

luck by chance reviews by times of india

"The highpoint of the film are its performances. Both Farhan and Konkona are complete naturals before the camera, just as Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia prove that vintage never does lose its flavour, does it! The jibes are gentle, the tenor is fond, yet firm. But most importantly, the characters are completely real: feisty and flawed, even as the end is exhilarating. "

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dhsekerala , is the government education portal this dhsekerala portal has lots of educational resoures available for free for the students of kerala.

the dhsekerala portal website - link
- link

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icc one day ranking - india climbs to second spot

icc ranking | icc odi ranking| icc oneday ranking| icc cricket ranking

today India surpassed the Australia to climb to 2nd spot in
icc oneday ranking, with 122 points india stands only second to S.A with is just 3 points ahead with 125 points. india is 3rd in icc test ranking.

according to latest icc one day ranking

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naan kadavul review hit or flop

naan kadavul review | naan kadavul movie review |naan kadavul reviews

after about 3 years work
naan kadavul movie has released , it seems to have paid its price long time productions, naan kadavul is one step higher that the usually masala mixed movies in tamil both techically and scrip wise , bala the famous director of Sethu, Nandha and Pithamagan, has gone on to greater heights with Naan Kadavul. the is good appiciation from cricts online for naan kadavul review , this is what i understand from what i read about naan kadavul review online, iam not very much sure if naan kadavul hit or flop , as we know in tamil nadu only masala movies runs with packed houses. unless n until the audience in tamil nadu mature to watch good movies like naan kadavul , abium nanum ect we will c lots of villus, agens etc.....,
here i tost of online naan kadavul reviews i found

naan kadavul review by indiaglitz

"Call it breath-taking, stunning or out-of-the-world. Any amount of appreciation would fit well for this film. Bala, considered the maverick director of Tamil cinema believes in quality rather than quantity and has come up with a film that spells both charm as well as fear on you.

Technically rich visuals, soul-stirring songs and splendid re-recording apart from top-notch performances by the artistes make 'Naan Kadavul'.

naan kadavul review by behind the woods

not yet availabe

naan kadavul review by times of inida

not yet availabe

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dev d review hit or flop

today the widely expected dev d movie released,the movie dev d seems to be morden devdas story , with valentines day round the coner the dev d would creates lots of curiosity , from the dev d review by popular dailys dev d seems to be a move of new kind, thedev d review by times of india calls it the "formula breaker" . i am happy atlast we do have brave people in the industy to experiment wth scrip like Anurag Kashyap did dev d , dev dhit or flop is the question in ur mind - its sure hit (given 5stars by times)iam sure going give this movie a try n will get u afirst hand review of dev d , untll then have a toast of dev d movie reviews found online,

dev d review by times -
Dev D is indeed a coming-of-age film, not merely for the protagonist, Devender Singh Dhillon, but it is a brilliant breakthrough for Bollywood too. It really doesn't matter whether the film ends up as a box office scorcher. What matters is the fact that for the discerning viewer, Dev D is a tryst with milestone cinema, reminiscent of Baz Luhrmann's Shakespeare-shaken-and-stirred in Romeo and Juliet
. Kashyap, however, gets even more adventurous and adds a progressive flourish to both the plot and the characters which are played to perfection by the three lead players. If Mahi and Kalki are riveting new finds, assured of a long innings in cinema, then Abhay Deol adds a whole new meaning to the term `Unconventional Hero'. Manorama Six Feet Under, Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye were just teasers. Dev D is the class act from the Deol who cleverly flew over the cuckoo's nest. Don't miss this film which completely reinvents the musical love story, with zany numbers like ‘emosanal atyachar', ‘saali khushi', ‘nayan tarse' and the rest. More importantly, it might just go down in history as one of the most radical Indian films, at least in its delineation of male and female sexuality. more...
with update this post with more quality dev d reviews,

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bsnl chennai 3g

bsnl chennai 3g | bsnl chennai 3g launch,bsnl chennai 3gbsnl chennai 3g reviews

BSNL Chennai Telephones preparing to roll outbsnl chennai 3g in February 1st week

A technical team of Chinese 3 G terminal vendor Huawei Technologies is currently engaged in installing the infrastructure to support the first tranche of 1.5 lakh 3G lines that would transform the way mobile users access the web.

The projected speeds on the 3G platform are said to be at least 30 times faster than 2G technology.

Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi is slated to soft launch 3G services possibly in February first week and the likely dates are being worked out.

According to plan, 3G services would initially be available to CellOne subscribers in Chennai before the rollout is extended to other major cities and towns in the State.

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bsnl 3g

BSNL to roll out 3G soon

bsnl 3g | bsnl chennai 3g | bsnl 3g tariff | bsnl 3g reviews

there has been lots of confution over when is bsnl 3g launched in chennai

CellOne subscribers in Chennai could be the first in south India to have a taste of 3G mobile telephony with BSNL Chennai Telephones preparing to roll out next generation communications in February.

Telecom major Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) would roll out its third generation (3G) mobile services in Orissa by March this year.

The 3G services would be first launched in Bhubaneswar and later in the district headquarters of the state. The telecom major is investing Rs 100 crore on infrastructure for the 3G services in the Orissa circle.

“Initially, we are putting up additional 15 towers for this purpose”, said SC Joshi, chief general manager (telecom), BSNL, Orissa circle.

Apart from broadband, BSNL’s 3G services would support high-resolution colour display, polyphonic sounds and built-in video cameras. The 3G services would also be useful for the e-seva kendras and the common facility centres being planned by the Orissa government, added Joshi.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mtnl 3g reviews | mtnl 3g Tariff

3G networks allow telecom operators to offer a wide range of more advanced services as well as achieve more efficient use of the spectrum available to them. 3G service would be available free-of-cost to the MTNL subscribers for the first one month.

online mtnl 3g reviews

"I was in Connaught place ( New Delhi) yesterday and just happened to check a few stock prices while I was there and was amazed to see the speed there... then I realised that instead of an E for the gprs connection it was 3.5g Mtnl is running 3.5g trials in connaught place area so I pulled out my laptop and connected it using mtnl mobile connection via the phone and the speed was around 1mbps, what will be mtnl 3g Tariff "

customers of MTNL can enjoy the host of data related services through their mobile handset:

1. Video Telephony: Customers can watch and talk simultaneously using the 3G mobile services of MTNL as if they are making face to face conversation.

2. High Speed Internet for smart phones and laptop. The customer can have the HSDPA data card with MTNL 3G USIM and can enjoy the broadband like speed in 3G coverage area.

3. A multitude of Data related VAS services will be available as per need of the customers.
4. Mobile TV – Live Broadcast . Customer can enjoy sports, music, movies or their favorite program of TV through their mobile handset without any buffering problem in 3G covered area.
5. Remote Video Monitoring – The customer can monitor their office place or production site while sitting at other place using this services simply using your mobile set. Elders in the family or Children at home can also be taken care by using this service.
6. Video on Demand

mtnl 3g Tariff will be declared soon

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6th pay commission maharashtra

6th pay commission in maharashtra | 6th pay commission report|sixth pay commission maharashtra

Bringing cheer to 13 lakh state government employees, The Maharashtra Government has decided to implement the recommendations of the 6th pay commission. The state government will bear an additional burden of Rs. 8.091 cr 6th pay commission. According to estimates, the employees will get an average hike of 20-30 per cent.

Since the 6th pay commission recommendations will be implemented from January 1, 2006, the employees will get huge amount of arrears according to 6th pay commission, which will be coming to them in installments over the next five years as stated in 6th pay commission. The state government has to pay Rs 18,370 crore towards the arrears as recomended by 6th pay commission.

Over seven lakh pensioners in Maharashtra will also be benefited by the implementation of 6th pay commission report. Those pensioners, who have retired before January 1, 2006, would get a 40 per cent raise in pension.

6th pay commission report - link

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kavya madhavan wedding

kavya madhavan wedding |kavya madhavan marriage

kavya madhavan wedding is all set to enter into wedlock today. As reported earlier, her kavya madhavan wedding has been fixed with Nishal chandra whose family is settled in Thiruvananthapuram. Nihaal, who is working in Kuwait as the technical advisor to the National Bank of Kuwait, has also been a child artist.

The kavya madhavan wedding will take place today at the famous Mookambika temple, followed by a reception at Kochi on the 9th. There will be yet another reception at Kavya’s native place, Neeleswaram, on February 12.
Kavya is busy acting in ‘Pattanathil Bhootham’, the Mammootty-starrer directed by Johnny Antony, at present.

Born in Nileshwaram in Kasargod district, the 24-year-old actress entered the Malayalam film industry as a child artist in the film “Pookkalam Varavayi” (1991). But she came into the reckoning when she played a role in acclaimed director Kamal’s “Azhakiya Ravanan” in 1996.

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