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isro 2009 answer key

ISRO Placement Paper

Discipline : Computer Science
Total no of questions: 80
Duration: 90 minutes
Marking: +3 for correct answer -1 for wrong
Total sections : 1
Mode : Offcampus
Discipline Wise Questions
Questions on
Binary Tree
Stack & Queue concept
Full adder / subtrecter ckt
Data structure basics
C funda
Page fault and other computer architech. fundamentals
Internet basics
Sin Cosine waves based questions
I attended the ISRO test on 8th aug
it was of GATE pattern mostly of Handa book.
80 ques---
Some of the ques i remember....hope it would be useful...
1. The root directory of disk should be placed at_____
--->at a fixed location on the system disk.
2. DNS is basically used to ____
----->i wrote --to have a hierarchical structure. more ques on DNS
4. abt TCP and UDP
5. TCP's which layer is there for the OSI's first three layers.
6. Multiprocessing models have---
a)symmetric b)unsymmetric models c)none of the above d) both
7. BCDhave binary nos in
a)bis b) bytes c)nibble
8. Top-down parser ....
a) leftmost derivation
b)rightmost derivation
c)leftmost derivation in reverse
d)rightmost derivation in reverse
9.Loop which avoids check at every iteration
a)loop controlling b) loop jamming tree was given and some expressions were there and we have to
find the correct postfix exprn
11.abt logic gates
12.worst case of Shell sort
13.sine wave can be split into
a)set of sine waves
b)set of sine waves with phase zero
14.full binary tree with n vertices has how many leaf nodes
somethng like this...
15.complete graph with n vertices and somethng a cyclic graph with n vertices how many minimum edges
a)n b)n/2...
1.The minimum number of edges in a connected cyclic graph on n vertices is
a) n-1 b) n c) n+1 d)none of these
2.A full binary tree with n non leaf nodes contains
a) n nodes b) log n nodes c)2n-1 nodes d)2n nodes
3.The time complexity of shell sort
a) O(n) b) O(log n) c) O(n 1.2 ) d)O(n2)
4.The time taken to insert an element after an element pointed by some pointer
a) O(1) b) O(log n) c) O(n) d) O(nlogn)
5. what is the name given to the first generation computer?
a) Binary language b)Machine language c)Assembly language
6.The root directory of a disk should be placed
a) at a fixed address in main memory
b) at a fixed location on disk
c) anywhere on disk.
7.A top down parser generates
a) right most derivation
b) left most derivation

c) right most derivation in reverse
d) left most derivation in reverse
8.what is the name of the OS that reads and reacts in terms of actual time?
a)batch system
b)time sharing
c)real time
9.FDDI is a
a)ring network
b)star network
c)mesh network
10.Computer memory consists of
d)all the above

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aieee2009 solution

aieee2009 solution | aieee2009 solutions | aieee09 solution

The All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) was held all across the country on 26th April 2009. Get the AIEEE 2009 solutions from all the leading coaching institutes right here on this website. You can discuss about the AIEEE 2009 paper using the comment form below.

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akshaya tritiya 2009

Akshay Tritiya is one of the most auspicious days for Hindus. As per the Hindu traditions and culture, Akshay Tritiya is considered as the most significant day to perform sacred deeds (Punya Karya). In Sanskrit, the meaning of Akshay is never diminishing. As the meaning says, on the day of Akshay Tritiya people never feel the dearth of happiness or bliss.

When is Akshay Tritiya in 2009?
Akshay Tritiya is celebrated on the third day of the first half of the Hindu month of Vaishakha (Vaishakha Shudda Tritiya or Thadiya). In 2009, the date to observe or celebrate Akshay Tritiya is April 27, Monday.

What is the Importance and Significance of Akshay Tritiya as per the Hindu Astrology?
According to the Hindu Astrology, especially in terms of Muhurtas, Akshaya Tritiya is considered as one of the three most auspicious Muhurtas (Sade-Teen Muhurat). One is the first thithi of the Chaitra Month (Ugadi Day), second is the tenth thithi of the Lunar month Ashwin or Aswayuja masam (Vijaya Dashmi Day) and the third one is the third thithi of Vaishakha masa, the Akshaya Tirtiya Day. It is also referred as Unboojha Muhurat.

What is the Importance and Significance of Akshaya Tritiya as per the Hindu Mythology?
As per the Hindu religious texts and epics, the Thretha Yuga was started on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. On the day of Akshaya Tritiya, Hindus also observe the birthday of Lord Parasurama, the sixth incarantion of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.

As mentioned in the Vedas, on the day of Akshaya Trithiya, along with Lord Ganesha Sage Veda Vyasa initiated writing the great epic, Mahabharata. Puranas describe the day of Akshaya Trithiya is the birthday of Lord Parasurama (Lord Parasurama Jayanthi). The Hindu scriptures and other sacred texts explained the greatness of Lord Parasuram.

On the day of Akshaya Tirtiya, Lord Shri Balarama Jayanthi (birthday of Lord Sri Balaram) is also celebrated. Balarama was the elder brother of Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Balaram is significantly known with his weapon ‘Hal’. Lord Balarama is also referred as one of the Dasavatara, ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

What are the Rituals, Customs and Traditions of Akshay Tritiya?
Akshay Tritiya festival is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Worship of Lord Vishnu on Akshay Tritiya eradicates and removes one’s sins and makes him free from all sorrows. Puranas described that Devotees who perform Sri Maha Vishnu Puja on Akshay Tritiya may attain salvation.

aieee 2009 answer key - by career point @ankur gupta

AIEEE 2009 Solutions & Answers Keys

AIEEE 2009 is another high pressure test engineering aspirants appear for
after the IIT-JEE. The stakes are loaded high in this extremely important
exam with many dreams resting on the outcome of this exam.

Naturally the anxiety and the stress doesn't reduce even after the exam is over. would make significant efforts in reducing this post exam
anxiety by making detailed solutions and answer key available for this test
immediately after the exam this year.

The AIEEE 2009 Solutions, AIEEE 2009 answer key, solutions,
expected cutoff and analysis would commence appearing at 1:30 pm
an hour after the exam gets over.

However, for expected cutoff and other related queries check out AIEEE 2009 Cutoff post and comment there.

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Prerna Classes AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Physics Maths Chemistry

FIITJEE AIEEE 2009 Solutions

Brilliant-Tutorials AIEEE 2009 Solutions

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fakeipl player blog

fake ipl player | fakeipl player |fakeiplplayer

Well for all of you those who have not heard it and those of you who are following it.I thought it is really a subject to be spoken on my blog.There is this guy who terms him as FAKE IPL PLAYER is supposedly claiming to be one of the members of the Kolkata Knight Riders team and he is distributing every possible information on the players and team management in detail.He has gone to the extent of giving information on where the players have gone ,who have they hangout with or what where the fights and indifferences between them. As a matter of fact lot of information given by this guy has been claimed to be true which has caused chaos in the dressing room of the kolkata knight riders. He has stated them as duffers.. coz they zeroing on guyz who don’t even have an idea on what a blog is… instead of catching him.

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who is fake ipl player ? ranadeb bose ?

who is fake ipl player ? | fake ipl player | fakeipl player |fakeiplplayer

So it's almost official, but nobody's saying his name.
There must have been hundreds of people who pegged him days before this almost-there confirmation of the Fake IPL Player's identity.

Gulu Ezekiel writes for the New Indian Express, and pretty much says it all:
He is smart — educated at one of the country’s top schools — articulate and bitter as well. And he has reason to be, after being one the most successful bowlers in a recent domestic season.

The motive can be traced to the Kolkata Knight Riders camp in the IPL’s first season. After being kept on the sidelines for half the event, the player in question along with five others was asked to leave the team hotel in Kolkata and no longer be part of the franchise ostensibly on the grounds of cost cutting.

He had lashed out at the time at what he perceived to be shabby treatment and swore never to wear KKR colours again, being particularly critical of the team owner and the coach. It is no surprise then that KKR decided to dispense with him this year and he was picked up by a franchise from the North.

The name will be revealed within 24 hours but it's pretty obvious, if this article is correct which it seems to be, that Ranadeb Bose is your man.

And it looks like Ezekiel has received word that perhaps Lord Almighty was the one suppling KKR insider info to RDB. Oh dear. How exciting.

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fake ipl player caught ?

fake ipl player | fakeipl player |fakeiplplayer caught

While the cricket world is buzzing in the speculation of what the Fake IPL player will reveal next (if you still haven't read about it, go to the fakeiplplayer's blog or read what The Guardian has to say about the story), there is an anonymous comment that the Fake IPL Player may have been caught and being sent back to India. As the latest post came into the blog, there is a comment saying

Sorry! Guys The Team Caught me!

I am sorry to have hurt all the team players by calling them by names. I am also truly sorry for weaving imaginative stories about a good team.

By the time you read this i am on my way back to india

fake ipl player caught?

Reasons to think its True

While this can be a fake faking over a fake profile too, there are couple of things to consider before we dismiss it.

  1. The language and style has a strange similarity to what the protagonist uses in the blog post.
  2. He may have been asked by the team management to delete the profile then and there so that he can't write anymore there, pushing further trouble into it. It makes sense for them to ask him to do that, no?
  3. What will be the motif of anyone else to just comment like that which can be rubbish-ed by the actual person anytime.

Reasons to think its Fake

There is a very subtly technical aspect that says he can be a fake person as well.

Look at the link to his name and the URL. Apparently its the same as IPL Anonymous and of the same blog URL. But that can actually fox a noob.

Look closely, if you know about, you will realize that someone who is posting a comment from his account will have a glowing 32 icon right at the left and the URL will be of the blogger profile of that person, not the URL of the PAGE ITSELF.

It can very easily be faked.

  1. Go to Post a Comment option
  2. Click through Comment as: Select profile
  3. You will see a option as Name/URL
  4. There you can post anything you like, say, IPL Anonymous as the name and as the URL and save and post a comment. Bingo, it will be like the same as the person posted.
  5. We tried one ourselves too. Look what we did
    ipl player caught?

So though its not as if, we are trying to speculate anything, but it may just be the case that the sorry end of the Fake IPL player is happening. We will have to wait only a few hours to know the truth of the news. Stay hooked!

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fake ipl player - real name behind characters

fake ipl player | fakeipl player |fakeiplplayer

1) Kishen Kanaiyya refers to Ravi Shastri.

2) Appam Chuthiya refers to Sreeshanth he comes from kerala where appam is the famous delicacy and fakeiplplayer is calling him bcoz of his attitude.

3) Pedophile Priest refers to Adam Gilchrist.

4) Kaan Moolo referes to Ajith Agarkar coz i think all of you would know,it’s for his enormous ears.

5) Big Sister refers to Shilpa Shetty coz she rose to fame using the big brother reality show.

6) Prince Charles of Patiala refers to Yuvraj Singh coz i think its anyone’s guess well he is from punjab and worshipped like a king there,probably one more reason the author likes him.

7) Lord Almighty refers to Sourav Ganguly , once again here the writer has shown his liking for ganguly so has raised him from the status of prince to lord himself.

8. Babli refers to Preity Zinta as she is ever refreshing and encouraging her team.

9) Calypso King refers to Chris Gayle as he is considered the king of Caribbean in the world of cricket.

10) Vinnie Dildo refers to Sharukh Khan coz as far as my research says it is due to his interefering or poking behaviour and also the atmost hate of this writer towards Shahrukh.

11) Havaii Chappal refers to Greg Chapel coz of his surname ‘Chapel’ —> ‘Chappal’ and havai as prefix to show how ‘local’ he is.

12) Junta Tormentor refers to Ajantha Mendis coz of his abnormal bowling action which has tormented batsmen around the world.

13) The Baja of Baroda refers to Anshuman Gaekwad coz he is from baroda is the simple guess i suppose.

14) Sandy Baddy babe refers to Mandira Bedi coz she is a female who has nothing like a babe but still is acting like one.

15) Little John refers to Ishant Sharma ,its just a paradox to refer.

16) John Wrong refers to John Wright, ,its just a paradox to refer.

17) Bangla Tiger refers Mashrafe Mortaza coz he is from Bangaldesh and ‘tiger’ coz the author likes him.

18)Sheikh of Tweak refers to Shane Warne.

19) Meera Bhai refers to Harbhajan Singh.

20) RDB refers to Randeep Bose.

21) Ram refers to VVS Laxman.

22) Chatterjee Kaaku refers to The Old Guy from the Ad posted by the KKR(Kolkata Knight Riders) Team where he says ‘Tum Bhi Jeetoge’.

23) Mr.Batlivala refers to liqour baron Mr Vijay Mallya

24) Phoren Babas refers to Brendon Mc Cullum and the coach John Buchanan

25) Former indian player who will remain former - Akash Chopra

Teams referred in the story :

Bevdaa Team refers Bangalore Royal Challengers coz its owned by the liquor giant vijay mallya.

Big Sister’s Team refers to Rajasthan Royals coz owned by shilpa shetty.

Bubblie’s Team refers to Punjab Kings XI coz owned by preity zinta.


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hot IPL 2 cheerleaders

THE IPL going overseas to South Africa has its own advantages. Shah Rukh Khan has finally selected two beauties to join his cheerleader’s team in South Africa. The cricket lovers back home would be disappointed that they would not be able to cheer for their teams in the field and that the hype would be at a lesser degree, but the organisers of IPL-2 have plenty of reasons to be happy about hot ipl 2 cheerleaders. One of these happiness factors pertains to the cheerleaders and their dress code which will be free from the shackles that weighed them down in the inaugural session.

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5th pay commission report of punjab

5th pay commission punjab|punjab pay commission report | 5th pay commission report

In the run-up to Lok Sabha elections in the state, the fifth Punjab pay commission has made attractive recommendations for the 3.5
lakh strong employee force in Punjab. 5th pay commission report of punjab has urged an average hike of 27% in pay scales and an increase in retirement age to 60, besides offering a slew of incentives on the Central government pattern.

5th pay commission report of punjab recomends Pensioners, too, can expect better days ahead as the commission has recommended 50% of the average emoluments/last pay drawn after 20 years of service as pension amount.

5th pay commission report of punjab chairman S K Tuteja submitted the report to chief secretary R I Singh on Monday. The implementation of 5th pay commission report of punjab, though, would be delayed till July, or whenever the budget session is held.

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