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arundhati movie review - a hit or flop

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arundhati reviews | arundhati review

arundhati movie review is the 4th movie reviw in my blog , i hope you liked the movie revies posted , next time you search for movie review do check out my site before you do. you urself would have realised that when u searched for "arundhati movie review" you would have got lots of spam with the title and post stuffed with keywords like arundhati movie review ,arundhati reviews, so to save your time . ok now back to arundhati movie review, arundhati movie is a female centric movie,arundhati movie is unlike other movie is not muched hype,arundhati movie review in delail with story tile and perfoment analysis of arundhati movie review


The film begins with the Arundhati (Anushka) delighted to come to her native place which is located in Gadwal. Her marriage is fixed and so she returns to her native place ahead of her marriage date. After coming to her native place, incidentally she learns about the whole story of her Grandmother named Jejamma (Anushka).

Then starts the story of Jejamma, who was courageous younger daughter of supreme ruler of Gadwal. But unfortunately she has a wicked brother in law named Pasupathy which is the character played by Sonu Sood of “Super” and “Athadu” fame. He is a un chaste man with all sorts of bad habits from drinking to sleeping with women. one unfortunate day, Jejamma’s dance teacher falls in the eyes of Pasupathy and he rapes her and kills her. d on discovering this fact, Pasupathy’s wife commits suicide as she is in a position of dismay.

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On the whole, this film is only for adults as children cannot digest this film. This movie will be a average hit with a 50 day run mileage. Women folks will throng to the theatres

arundhati movie review rating 3.5/5

arundhati movie review conclution : Excellent thriller!!! Strongly recommended, don't miss it!!!

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