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chandni chowk to china review

chandni chowk to china review

the movie chandni chowk to china released today, theres lots of expectations from this movie chandni chowk to china ,i wanted to read about chandni chowk to china review before going to chandni chowk to china movie. the trailers in the movie chandni chowk to china are really good and impresive mainly sunts in chandni chowk to china seems to be really good from the chandni chowk to china trailers i have seen online, i was just browsing for chandni chowk to china movie review , couldint find doog gunuen chandni chowk to china movie review, finally i came accross one googd little cc2c review , this was it

'Chandni Chowk To China' is the story of Sidhu, played by Akshay Kumar, who works at a road side food stall in Chandni Chowk.

He longs to escape his dreary existence and is constantly looking for shortcuts - with astrologers, tarot card readers and fake fakirs basically believing anything except himself, despite his father figure Dada's, played by Mithun Chakraborty, best efforts.

His redeeming moment arrives when two strangers from China claim him as a reincarnation of a war hero in the past and take him to China. Sidhu now dreams of wine, women and a princely existence in a foreign land.

Thanks to the devious translator, a conman named Chopstick, played by Ranvir Shorey, Sidhu is completely unaware that he is being taken to the promised land to rid the Chinese villagers of the vicious smuggler Hojo, played by Gordon Liu.

So Sidhu blissfully sets forth to China with Chopstick, who instigates dreams of a deli cious future and choses not to reveal the perils which await him.

Along the way Sidhu meets Sakhi, played by Deepika Padukone, who has embarked on a journey to pay homage to the land of her birth and her dead father and her twin.

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