Monday, January 19, 2009

xat 2009 cut off for various colleges

as today xat 2009 results came, the question in all students taken the xat 2009 exam is "which college to apply with my score" or "any good college to apply for my score" or "will i get call from xxx college for my percentile" ,

so to clear your doughts i decided to write a blog post on" xat 2009 cut off for" top bscools accpeting xat score, the xat cut off for each college is just an estimated projection,but the results will not be far from this , with the expected xat cut off for each college you can desiced which college you apply with the guide of expected xat 2009 cut offs, but last dates to apply for many colleges under xat could be over, there are few colleges for which admission forms are still availabe, i will mention them l8tr in the post. now lets have look at expected xat 2009 cut off for various institutes(top b shools under xat) ,

these cut offs were arrived after have a look at the cut off estimation doned by ims,time,cl,cf,tyconline and also from the discussions from the pagalguy forum,

it is a consolidated xat 2009 cut off for different institutes from all of the above source*

(in case your confused about which college to apply , post your xat percentile i could suggest you a few options)
xat 2009 cut off for various colleges
xat 2009 cut off for xlri bm - 97 + % percentile

xat 2009 cut off for xlri pm - 98 + (% percentile)

xat 2009 cut off for spjain - 85+ (% percentile) (S P Jain Institute of Management and Research)

xat 2009 cut off for gim - 89+(% percentile)

xat 2009 cut off for liba - 87+ (% percentile)(Loyola Institute of Business Administration)

xat 2009 cut off for ximb - 91+(% percentile)

xat 2009 cut off for xiss - 83+(% percentile)

xat 2009 cut off for xime - 79+(% percentile)

xat 2009 cut off for ifmr - 85 +(% percentile)(Institute for Financial Management and Research)

xat 2009 cut off for Welingkar - 81+(% percentile)


othere institutes accepting xat score(b+ colleges)

St Josephs College Of Business Administration (SJCBA) - 75+(% percentile)

xat 2009 cut off for iilm - 77+(% percentile)

xat 2009 cut off for Alliance - 75+(Alliance Business Academy)(score)

xat 2009 cut off GIFT- 80+(% percentile)(Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade)

SGIAPIM (Suryadatta Group of Institutes - 75+(% percentile)

Asia Pacific Institute of Management, ahmedabad (apim)- 74+(% percentile)

IIF Business School, Delhi - 72+(% percentile)

xat 2009 cut off for VIT Business School - 75+(% percentile)

all the best guys , do look into placements and the profiles offered before joining that b school(mainly in case of b and b+ grade college)

also check out the following

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Anonymous said...

whats the cut off percentiles for XAT 2009 .

aravind said...

can you plz post the percentile cutoffs for different institutes under xat.

suresh said...

what is the average score in xat 2009.

Subrahmanyam said...

My overall percentile is 95.
VA:78 QA:94 LR:95.Please let me know about my chances...can I apply for XIMB(I have not applied to that)

Anonymous said...

i have got
va 75.98
qa 79.6
r&d 92.4
oa 89.22 in xat. are there any chances to get any good b school

anup said...

got 87.37 in XAT which colleges can i apply to now?

Anonymous said...

Verbal Ability - 93.76
Quantitative - 74.77
Reasoning - 94.97

plz help

roche said...

i have scored 68.8 percentile in xat2009....... pls suggest me some good colleges for this score
my email

Anonymous said...

i have got
va 22.98
qa 85.6
r&d 95.65
oa 80.56 in xat. are there any chances to get any good b school,in which colleges can i apply i belong to SC .please help.

PRAGYA said...

i have following score in XAT 2009
which college should i apply to

shekhar said...

Xat percentile is 80.570.

Can you please suggest me some good colleges.

dudeguru said...

@roche ,68.8 percentile in xat2009 ,there are a few colleges you could apply like
Kejriwal Institute of Management and Development Studies, Bhubaneshwar " avg salari - 3.2 lak ,but i would advice you unless ur desperate to do mba this yr itseld you can take it again next time , as the college name matters when u go for jobs

dudeguru said...

"i have got
va 22.98
qa 85.6
r&d 95.65
oa 80.56 in xat. are there any chances to get any good b school,in which colleges can i apply i belong to SC " , which state are you from ,because in every state there some govt run really good colleges with reservation , that too with 80% you can easily get one.

did u try snap what was ur score ?

dudeguru said...

@PRAGYA , wow thats a gr8 score ,dint you get call from xlri ? , if you have applied for ximb or gim surely would get through it, select

first option ximb

secong option gim

else if you dint apply for these colleges ,you can apply for liba till feb 4 forms are avalable. its a fast upcoming b school

dudeguru said...

@(shekhar), you can try for welinger or iilm, if your lucky you may get through , in these two colleges placements are good ,try welinger first forms are still available

Anonymous said...

Hey guru I got just 77.19 percentile. But I am a catholic Christian with 28 months of experience. Is there any chance I will get a call from LIBA?

Hesham AJ said...

My XAT 2009 score is
VA 88.44
QA 81.5
Reasoning 65.7
Overall 84.23

I wud be really grateful if u cud suggest some b schools yo apply wit this score.I had earlier applied for GIM. is it advisable to apply for LIBA??Please suggest some other good B-schools too.

avinash said...

my scores


overall: 88.35
can u suggest me any good colleges

DEV said...

Got 60 percentile in the XAT 2009. Are there are any chances of getting any good b school..?

IPSITA said...

Hello i have secured a percentile of 73.6% in XAT.plz can u guide me as to wich clg i shud apply to.
Also how is IIF new delhi?...and KIAMS?

Anonymous said...

i got 78 percentile can you suggest the institutes i can apply.particularly in south.

rajesh said...

xat %ile overall - 76.51

verbal - 91.27

quants - 71.03

r/l - 51

E1 said...


my score is


what colleges should i apply.i didn't apply for xlri and gim.

Anonymous said...

i got 63%ile in xat
can u tell me any good college/s in which i can apply
my id is

Anonymous said...

I got 58.140 %ile in xat 2009 . so please suggest me some good colleges name in which i can apply!!

OM PRAKASH said...

I got 58.140%ile in xat 2009 so please suggest me some good college names in which i can apply!!
email-id :


Anonymous said...

Verbal Ability 42.110, Quantitative Ability 21.550, Reasoning & Decision making ability 90.210, Total Percentile 60.780.
Please suggest me the colleges to which i can apply.
My mail id is

srivastava said...

i got 50.15 percentile in XAT 2009. which college can i get...

please help me to find any good college, if available at this score.
mail me at:

vikrant said...

im vikrant
i got 74.330%ile in xat
va :61
qa :39
ar :92
wat colleges shud i opt for?????

Anonymous said...

got a 93.89 percentile in xat 2009. Can u please suggest me whether i would get call from ximb

chaitanya said...

hi ppl ...i got VA:93.760 QA:92.950 LR:62.640 OA:91.130
..PLZ suggest me good colz for the abv score as i hv nt applied to any colz till date.

sumit said...

hey iam sumit...
i got 78.54 percentile i xat 2009
VA- 61.270
qa- 78.57
reasoning- 82.29
can i apply for iilm, xime and welingkar.. and do suggest me other colleges also... n how is iilm institute..??

Anonymous said...

my percentile in xat 2009 is 90.01, with individual section as quant 93.5 , verbal 90.5 and lr 68.4 ..which college can i apply... i have a work ex of 30 months

Anonymous said...

score of 52.5 overall(73,78,19).iam under sc category. can i apply for liba.

neha kamble said...

sir my oa percentile is 72
VA-79, QA-71 n LR-60
what colleges should i apply for?
i come under SC category
are there ny chances of me gettin into SP jain or welingkar?
my id-

Brindha said...

I got 79.87%ile in XAT..., to which can i apply...?

Anonymous said...

I have got 89.28 percentile in XAT 2009. I have applied for Ximb but I dont think I wil get a cal..plz suggest me which other colleges should I apply. Plz help...

sumit said...

i hav got 73.6 percentile in xat plz suggest some good colleges.

Anonymous said...

got 87.840 percentile in xat, which college i should apply?

shishir said...

I got 85%ile in XAT 2009??? with a low 42 in verbal????
Can i apply to welingakar???
What are my chances???Can io apply to some other good B-school???

jitu said...

hi this is jitendra my xat score is 54.6 percentile ,is there any chance of getting call from any B- grade college pls suggest me some colleges where i can apply

Vishu said...

I got only 59 percentile in XAT 2009 but I have work experience of 5+ years in Managerial Level.So, can you suggest some good colleges for the admission in MBA or PGDM full time program.
My mail id is

Anonymous said...

Sir i got
Verbal Ability 83.830
Quantitative Ability 16.220

Reasoning & Decision making ability
Total Percentile

should i get admission anywhere

HIMANSHU said...

my percentile in xat is 59.
should i get admission in a good college

sathish said...

my XAT-2009 percentile is 76.5. split is 74+ in all sections.
wat colleges shall i apply. reply to

prem krishna said...

i had scored a total percentile of 79.260 in xat 2009.what colleges should i apply for

Anonymous said...

i have got 30.86 overall. in verbal i have got 42.11 and in quantitative 63.23 and in rsng 15.35. which type of colleges i will get?

Anonymous said...

i got 73.91 percentile in xat.can i get gitam institute of international business

Anonymous said...

himanshu ....
ask ur self twice , why do u want to MBA

dealme said...

hi ther
i have got 44 percentile
which wud be the college tht i'll get ?

satya said...

i got 60.60percentile in xat........
can anybody tell me which college i can get....

Raj Lakshmi said...

I have got 60 percentile in XAT 2009 ,
Eng--43.08 percentile.
Math-21.12 percentile.
Reasoning -- 94.27 percentile.
i want MBA in Finnace -- Preirity 1
HR - priority 2
I am grom Jamshedpur.
I can fluently Tlak Eng.
Raj lakshmi

Raj Lakshmi said...

I got 60 percetile in XAT-2009, so what college i should join for MBA in Fianace -- pririty 01 & HR Priroty 02.
Raj Lakshmi

Anonymous said...

this os kundan
i got
Verbal Ability 48.670
Quantitative Ability 21.420
Reasoning & Decision makingability 36.370
Total Percentile 27.180
Is there any possiblity to get a good college.
plz inform me at

Anonymous said...

Sir i got 50.4 %ile in Xat.........
Tell me foe which college should i apply for
plz mail me on

Mamoni said...

i have got 68.85 percentile.which college i should apply..? email-

ameya said...

Hi.i got 87.8 percentile.. which college should I apply for..

ameya said...

Sir tell me if I should apply for loyola with the percentile of 88 in XAT and what are the chances of GIM,,

Anonymous said...


Sir i got 83 in snap but i had not applied to SIIB so lost out

my xat score is 81.770

Verbal Ability 99.610
Quantitative Ability 25.450
Reasoning & Decision making ability 40.380

i would really appreciate all your help because i really dont want to loose out this time!

Anonymous said...

mine is 95 percentile. from wich colage i can get a call.raju g.

Anonymous said...

i got 90.9 percentile in xat...which colleges should i apply to now?

balaji said...

hii..... I have got 90.500 %ile ovrall..
verbal - 77
qa- 91
lr- 87
I've applied in XIMB only ... wot r my chances..
Ramanand Raghavan..

rickey said...

hi i m ravinder i got 83perscentile can u tell which college should i apply ???? plz send me answer on


Anonymous said...

I have got 73 percentile in xat 2010 with 98 percentile in Quantitative analysis. Please suggest me some good colleges where I can apply.
Kindly take the pain to mail me at-

Anonymous said...

i have got 27.16 percentile in xat which college should i apply for

Anonymous said...

i have got
va 23.26,
qa 47.48,
ra 36.37,
oa 27.18,through xat
will i be able to get apply for good colleges & which one

kashif said...

i have got 67.910 percentile which colleges can i apply

prajakta said...

prajakta sathe said
my xat score is as follows-
Verbal Ability - 91.820
Quantitative Ability - 40.420
Reasoning & Decision making ability - 55.620
Total Percentile - 70.020
which colleges do i apply to?

Anonymous said...

my name is pravin meshram and i belong to sc category and i got 78.55 in verbal ability , 13.35 in quantitative ability , 89.04 in reasoning and decision making and 66.9 total percentile can i get call from any top b school plz inform me

Anonymous said... name is Pramey.
my xat score is as bellow
quant :69.11
have i got any chance of making it to good colleges? plz inform me at

Anonymous said...

i am having 91.8%ile in XAT.. pls suggest me best colleges with academic fees. Mail me at

Anonymous said...

sir i got 75percentile in xat, i applied for xime, xiss, and kiams. But im not sure dat they will call me or not, kindly help me to choose some other good colleges under xat. I want to know about other good xat colleges, kindly send me information on,

Anonymous said...

xat 79.99
vich colleges can i apply?

Kashif said...

I'm looking forward to XIME, B'lore.. Scored 88.75 in wit 73 in LR, 85 in Verbal n 87 in Quant.. Should I expect a cal? Also, by when is it expected to be out?


Anonymous said...

hey anushri here...
i have got 88.100 percentile in XAT and am looking forward to specialize in finance...which college should i opt?? please help..!

samir said...

hey sorry for so late ...
i got 84.7 percentile in XAT can u please let me know where i stand now this point .

Anonymous said...

hey i have 2 options bimm pune and xime bangalore which one to go for for gud placements which one is better.......please mail me the answer (