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delhi 6 review hit or flop

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the movie delhi 6 released today , it had lots of expectations from junior bachan , and sure these days money is really precious even if they were ment for movie tickets, hence people are very choose about the movie they watch , hence inderctly internet helps you save lots of bugs..., this is one place to get all types of reviews of movies from all leading online portals , ok now back to delhi 6 reviews online , infact theres been lots of delhi 6 reviews available online , but i have selected a few good and honest delhi 6 reviews. based on these reviews you can come to an conclution of if delhi 6 movie hit or flop(delhi 6 hit ya flop)

delhi 6 review hit or flop by - 1.5/5

On the whole, Delhi-6 has a terribly boring beginning [first hour], an absorbing middle [second half] and a weak end [climax]. At the box-office, the business is bound to be divided. The film may record bountiful collections at multiplexes in its opening weekend. The popular music as also the fact that there's no major opposition will benefit the film in the initial days. But the business at single screens as also the mass belt will be a shocking contrast. However, the cracks will start appearing sooner than expected, even at plexes. Thumbs down! more...

delhi 6 review hit or flop ? by behind rating 2.5/5

On the whole the movie is an account of Rakesh's grudges against the society, though the intentions are noble the final product does leave you a lot to be desired. Even though the movie will satisfy the audience in more ways than one this social satire looks like a half baked collage of many vital social issues. more...

delhi 6 review hit or flop ? by indian express. com

It does, right at the end, but it's done with a staginess at odds with the rest of the film: Mehra keeps heading towards his intent—to show the incredible syncretic nature of one of the oldest parts of the world (at heart ‘Delhi 6' is an old-fashioned cry for Hindu-Muslim amity), but spends all his time in the foreplay, not going all the way. The end peters out.more..

delhi 6 review hit or flop ? Times of India

delhi 6 review by times is to be updated

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