Thursday, February 12, 2009

valentines day dress code | valentines day colour code

valentines day dress code | valentines day colour code | dress code for valentines day

As lots of people are searching around for what color dress they need to wear on valentines day valentines day dress code( or valentines day colour code)
Single ? find your love
  • Red- Iam in love
  • Blue- I’m free
  • Green- I’m waiting
  • Yellow-going to propose
  • White- Ready for a friendship(Ready for a flirting)
  • Pink- just now accepted
  • Black- proposal rejected
  • Orange- broke up!!!
  • Gray- not interested…
  • any other color - iam very shy

ALL the BEST guys and girls....!!!!

tips propose a girl on valentines day

Valentines day sms

So whats UR valentine colour code ?

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Anonymous said...

valentines day dress code for purple ? ?

alice said...

thank for sharing

catherene said...

hey thanks for telling wat color to wear

preetha said...

hey thanks a lot for the valentines day dress code iam going yellow :)

Anonymous said...

Hey tnx for sharin s colr im gonna wear Black ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi this is emman I'm wearing white im in love for past three years but my girl wearing pink colour

Anonymous said...

gud. :) all the best

Gohan said...

THx whoever u are

Anonymous said...

Its not about color ur just expressing, but its about expressing ur heart to ur partner.. Any way thanks for informing...

Anonymous said...