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isro 2009 answer key

ISRO Placement Paper

Discipline : Computer Science
Total no of questions: 80
Duration: 90 minutes
Marking: +3 for correct answer -1 for wrong
Total sections : 1
Mode : Offcampus
Discipline Wise Questions
Questions on
Binary Tree
Stack & Queue concept
Full adder / subtrecter ckt
Data structure basics
C funda
Page fault and other computer architech. fundamentals
Internet basics
Sin Cosine waves based questions
I attended the ISRO test on 8th aug
it was of GATE pattern mostly of Handa book.
80 ques---
Some of the ques i remember....hope it would be useful...
1. The root directory of disk should be placed at_____
--->at a fixed location on the system disk.
2. DNS is basically used to ____
----->i wrote --to have a hierarchical structure. more ques on DNS
4. abt TCP and UDP
5. TCP's which layer is there for the OSI's first three layers.
6. Multiprocessing models have---
a)symmetric b)unsymmetric models c)none of the above d) both
7. BCDhave binary nos in
a)bis b) bytes c)nibble
8. Top-down parser ....
a) leftmost derivation
b)rightmost derivation
c)leftmost derivation in reverse
d)rightmost derivation in reverse
9.Loop which avoids check at every iteration
a)loop controlling b) loop jamming tree was given and some expressions were there and we have to
find the correct postfix exprn
11.abt logic gates
12.worst case of Shell sort
13.sine wave can be split into
a)set of sine waves
b)set of sine waves with phase zero
14.full binary tree with n vertices has how many leaf nodes
somethng like this...
15.complete graph with n vertices and somethng a cyclic graph with n vertices how many minimum edges
a)n b)n/2...
1.The minimum number of edges in a connected cyclic graph on n vertices is
a) n-1 b) n c) n+1 d)none of these
2.A full binary tree with n non leaf nodes contains
a) n nodes b) log n nodes c)2n-1 nodes d)2n nodes
3.The time complexity of shell sort
a) O(n) b) O(log n) c) O(n 1.2 ) d)O(n2)
4.The time taken to insert an element after an element pointed by some pointer
a) O(1) b) O(log n) c) O(n) d) O(nlogn)
5. what is the name given to the first generation computer?
a) Binary language b)Machine language c)Assembly language
6.The root directory of a disk should be placed
a) at a fixed address in main memory
b) at a fixed location on disk
c) anywhere on disk.
7.A top down parser generates
a) right most derivation
b) left most derivation

c) right most derivation in reverse
d) left most derivation in reverse
8.what is the name of the OS that reads and reacts in terms of actual time?
a)batch system
b)time sharing
c)real time
9.FDDI is a
a)ring network
b)star network
c)mesh network
10.Computer memory consists of
d)all the above

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