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agatha sangma mp

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agatha sangma is just 27yrs old

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terms of formal experience, agatha sangma mp, 28, is probably the youngest member of the Lok Sabha. But she’s had a head start as agatha sangma mp the daughter of PA Sangma, the presiding deity of Meghalaya politics. A leading news portal called agatha sangma mp the “hottest thing in Indian politics”, and she says she’s still figuring things out.

Already, agatha sangma mp is a lawyer, environmentalist, and amateur photographer as well. agatha sangma mp is contesting from Tura and expects to return to the Lok Sabha. agatha sangma mp education background lists a law degree from Pune and an environment management masters from the UK.

India’s most famous rock show is in Shillong. One of India’s better talents in Hindi singing, Zubin, is from Assam. When you have talent, you require a formal set-up to give it shape. You need studios, instrument-makers, production centres to bring out CDs and DVDs, and you need to market them. That’s it. How come it hasn’t happened in 60 years?
I have no idea. We do have studios but it’s not on a large scale. We often discuss about Bollywood, which has so many musical sequences and songs in movies. They have many dancers behind the main actors in a song. They have a big dancing crew. Men and women in the Northeast are all very good at dancing as well. We discussed with one of the companies that people from the Northeast could agatha sangma mp be recruited into Bollywood. We discussed ideas on promoting the Northeast in Bollywood, in terms of dancing and scenic beauty. You can have film shooting in the Northeast. It’s so beautiful. People go all the way to Switzerland to shoot for movies. These things have happened on a much smaller scale in the Northeast but nobody has been able to bring it all together. You miss the whole thing sometimes if it happens on a small scale.

That brings me to the next puzzle. Why does the Northeast not have a movie industry? You have music, drugs, alienation, folktales, tribes, history, militancy, unemployment. Great stuff for movies.
I really don’t know. There are people who individually make it, but there hasn’t been anyone who can revolutionise it. People are not very enthusiastic about taking a chance. They want to make sure that they have the day’s meal, and the next day’s meal. The kinds of things that you mention are probably for people who are already well established, who can take a chance on creating something like this. It’s also to do the agrarian nature of people here. They don’t want to experiment on new things unless an outsider would come and do something.

Why do you need outsiders? You need role models from inside. All you may need is some help from outside.
Maybe somebody will come up with it. There are young businessmen in Shillong, for instance, like Ming who owns the Centre Point hotels. He is very young and he is always organising these rock shows. He uses a few local artistes but he gets many artistes from outside, like from theagatha sangma mp. But it’s basically Shillong and probably Guwahati. It does not really unite the Northeast.

“People from the Northeast don’t want to return home and contribute afte they see the glitter of big cities in India”

The Northeast has so much music and sports talent, but you won’t find people to integrate the whole thing. My brother has a production company and he was in the process of trying to create documentaries. Then he contested the election and now agatha sangma mp is very busy. He has a studio where people record their music, but it’s not a huge thing. Once in a blue moon, somebody would come and record their songs. It’s strange because people are talented but are probably not creating their own music. They generally mimic other songs.

The rest of India watches mostly similar television. In the Northeast, however, Indian channels are barely watched. Does that contribute to the non-Indian feeling? If so, what is to be done?
That could be one of the reasons, but it can’t be the integral thing. Hindi movies are banned in agatha sangma mp Manipur. Korean movies do better than Hindi movies in Nagaland and Meghalaya. People from these places are similar to those from the Northeast in terms of features, so they get more fascinated by Korean movies. But this is just one aspect really. There are bigger issues. This is just one fragment. There are so many things that need to connect between the Northeast and the rest of the country.

I’ve spent these seven months trying to know my constituency. I have travelled extensively in my constituency and tried to meet as many people as I could. For me, this is just a trailer. My real purpose is to come back in the next election (in April-May 2009). I have used this period to get to know my people and to know where exactly I come from. People I represent should also know that this is agatha sangma mp. There are so many people who did not even see me, but have voted for me. There are very very intense and complex issues in the Northeast.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a long way to go, have a lot to learn, and a lot to figure out. I’m very keen on being a proactive part of the Northeast. I want to be a vocal part of society. I intend to create a change. There are grave issues, I know. I never had the opportunity to meet great people from the Northeast.

We discussed some of the grave issues. What else can you highlight?
People from the Northeast need to feel they are part of India. I want to make my people feel that there is somebody from here in Parliament. agatha sangma mp is one of us. Therefore, indirectly, we are all part of India. Many a times, we are not able to relate to India. We forget that we are actually Indian.

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