Sunday, May 31, 2009

tamilnadu sixth pay commission

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according to tamilnadu sixth pay commission 12 lakh Tamil Nadu Government employees will receive a 30 per cent hike in wages with the government deciding to adopt the recommendations of thetamilnadu sixth pay commission. The revised pay scales will be implemented with immediate effect and employees will get the revised pay next month, State Finance Secretary K Gnanadesikan told reporters here today. The Government would incur additional expenditure of Rs 5,155.79 crore per annum due to the revised scales which will hike salaries of the employees by 30 per cent, he said." Currently Rs 14,000 crore has been incurred by government on salaries per annum while for pensioners it is at Rs 7,000 crore totalling a sum of Rs 21,000 crore.tamilnadu sixth pay commission After the revised pay, it will be Rs 26,155.79 crore", tamilnadu sixth pay commission he said Giving some salient features of the revision, he said,"emoluments like House Rent Allowance and City Compensatory tamilnadu sixth pay commission Allowance will be doubled, while the same are granted for the first time to all employees on Special Time Scales of Pay including the noon meal workers". As part of accepting the long pending request of employees, pensioners and family pensioners, the existing Medical Allowance has been revised from Rs 50 to Rs 100 per monthBY tamilnadu sixth pay commission. 6th pay commission tamilnadu Stating that ceiling limit of Death-cum-Retiring Gratuity has been enhanced from Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh on par with Central government, he said arrears in the pay revision after adjustment of interim arrears will be paid in three equal instalments. Daily allowance has also been doubled.

Various State Employees’ Unions have been demanding the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations ever since the central government approved the tamilnadu sixth pay commission for its five million employees. Tamilnadu TN Salary Calculators for Sixth Commission Government Salary

Fortunately, for the state of Tamilnadu TN, the government has given its approval to go for with the recommendations of the tamilnadu sixth pay commission.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi also announced that the over 220,000 noon meal scheme workers would get a hike in salaries as they are being brought under special time tamilnadu sixth pay commission . He said the workers would be covered by a tamilnadu sixth pay commission. This would be effective from September 15 and would cost the State Government Rs.200 crores.

The Chief Minister also said that this year tamilnadu sixth pay commission 400,000 more free television sets would be distributed to the poor.
Here are the direct links for the Salary Calculators on the GConnect Website, for the changes in salary by the tamilnadu sixth pay commission Report:

Salary Calculator for Pay band 1 and 2 for Sixth Pay Commission Salary Hike

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