Wednesday, June 3, 2009

airtel super singer winner 2011

Airtel Super Singer is an Indian singing competition in Tamil language airing on STAR Vijay airtel super singer junior winner 2010. The program seeks to discover the best singing talent in Tamil Nadu through a series of statewide auditions. The show is sponsored by the mobile service provider, airtel super singer winner 2010 . The show debuted in 2006 and is currently in its second season. The winner of event gets a chance to sing a airtel super singer junior winner 2010 . This current season's winner will be singing with music director, Yuvan Shankar Raja.

airtel super singer winner 2011 will be out ..!!!

The show usually airs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights in India and is telecast worldwide through partner broadcasting networks.

So we are in the finals week at last. airtel super singer winner which started way after Airtel super singer just crowned their winner last week. That shows how fast AI has moved since it began. airtel super singer winner though has been stretched a bit too much and I did not even bother watching the show last week where the contestants met Yuvan for the first time.

Coming back to this week, the competition is going to be interesting. airtel super singer junior winner 2010 To be honest with you guys I did not get a chance to watch the show on Monday as I was not in town. I heard from one of the regulars to my blog that Ranjani has been eliminated after the classical round which is rather surprising and shocking to say the least.

Ranjani is one of the better trained singers in the pack and it’s rather surprising that she has to leave after the classical round. Well I will be watching the show from the second day and will comeback with a better post tomorrow. airtel super singer winner left in the show are Renu, Ajeesh, Prasanna and Ravi. Even though Prasanna is my favorite, I would like Ravi or Ajeesh to win the competition as they are the most talented of all the finalists.

Anyways best of luck to all the singers for this week and let’s hope the airtel super singer winner .

The success of Airtel Super Singer 2006 and Airtel Super Singer Junior, has led to another hunt in 2009, this time junior winner 2010 much bigger.

The contest will have a few rounds of intense competition followed by eliminations and the selected will move onto various levels of competition eventually leading to the finals.

Video booths were set up at various vantage points across the city for the participants to record their voice to heighten the audition process in Chennai,airtel super singer winner 2009 and gain entry for the auditions.

The winner of airtel super singer junior winner 2010 gets once in a lifetime opportunity to sing to the music composed by the young music director, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Popular playback singers Sunitha Sarathy and Deepan Chakravarthy were the judges for the ground auditions at Chennai including playback singers like Prashanthi, Rajalakshmi and Vinaya as the preliminary judges.

"The s airtel super singer junior winner 2010 ; encouraged us to launch the junior version of the reality show. Now, we are proud to announce the launch of the second series of Super Singer in 2009; which would be much grander than its predecessors. The initial response from the viewers has been tremendous and very positive." says K. Sriram, Head - Vijay TV

The show, airtel super singer winner 2008 is all set to launch from July 07, 2009 and will air on Monday - Wednesday, 9pm on Vijay TV.

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Anonymous said...

who is airtel super singer winner 2009

Anonymous said...

This is nonsense.

Actually, the program itself lost its relevance when the producer started extending it like a ‘mega serial’. At one point I thought this will drag on till 2010 december :-)))

It was just a tamasha. I was only tuning in to hear Ravi.

In the very first round itself anyone could spot that Ravi would be the ultimate winner.

Though I don’t want to get into malayalam/tamil issue, right from the beginning it was a bit weird to see a tamil programme on a tamil channel, anchored by a malayalee girl Chinmayee, who speaks tamil so fast that it takes time to understand what exactly she was saying, with a weirder signoff - Shabbakhair or something like that!

A confused malayalee anchoring a tamil music talent competition for selecting a singer for a Tamil music director ending the programme in some gibberish Punjabi! Can you beat it???

After a while, she was replaced with another fat female with super padded up bosom wear making ugly facial expressions while talking and constantly looking at her husband than at the camera!.

And her husband (a Nair!) was looking lost every time his wife starts talking with the mike securely stuck on her lower chin. I thought our mouth speaks into a mike not a chin! Believe me, every time she opened her mouth, my finger closed in on the ‘mute’ button on my TV remote.

Broadcasting ministry needs to tighten the guidelines for conducting talent shows. Maximum permissible episode should be 26.

I am shuddering that Vijay TV will comeout with another singer competition, which perhaps will run longer that the just completed one. Experience you see, will make them realise how they can milk money from poor audiences.

Anonymous said...

This is absurd. Ajeesh is a good singer but Ravi is consistent and a better singer. In the last contest so is Ranjani with her Sivagami and the other song. I will never watch the super singer. This show is biased and stupid.

Anonymous said...

alka is the super singer

Anonymous said...

who is the winner of airtel super singer 3