Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Tetris Logo

Google Tetris Logo

Google Australia, China and some other places where it’s Saturday already are displaying a special logo doodle celebrating Tetris called the Google Tetris Logo. The alt text reads “Celebrating 25 Years of The Tetris Effect - courtesy of Tetris Holding, LLC”, and the logo is linked to a search for Google Tetris Logo Wikipedia knows: “Tetris ... is a puzzle video game originally designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov. It was released on June 6, 1984”.

And did you know? One of the original makers of Google Tetris Logo is now working at Google – Google Australia, specifically, on the Google Wave project. Sydney Morning Herald reports: “Vadim Gerasimov was just 15 when he was taken under the wing of two Russian computer engineers – Alexey Pajitnov and Dmitry Pavlovsky – at the Moscow Academy of Sciences and helped them create Tetris ... Since around 2003 Gerasimov has lived in Australia, where he worked in complex systems research with the CSIRO [Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization] before joining Google about a year and a half ago.”

Walking through the aisles at the local Acme, trying to decide between Honey Nut or the new Frosted Cheerios, I notice how perfectly one set of cereal boxes would fit in with the gap on the row below it. Running doggedly around the track at the Y, bored out of my mind, I find myself focusing on the brick wall and calculating which direction I'd have to rotate those slightly darker bricks to make them fit in with the uneven row of dark bricks a few feet lower down the wall. Going out to get some fresh air after hours of work, I rub my watery, stinging eyes, look up at the Philadelphia skyline, and wonder, "If I flip the Victory Building on its side, would it fit into the gap between Liberties One and Two?"

Some of you will suffer a pang of instant recognition upon reading the above. The Google Tetris Logo rest will speculate on the wattage of my porch light. I'm not suffering from a mental deficiency, but rather from something far more insidious — the Tetris Effect, one of the bizarre and frequently undiscussed side-effects of computer video game and virtual reality use, sometimes known as "Cybersickness."

An article in the July 1995 issue of Technology Review describes virtual reality as "any technology in which a person interacts with a computer-generated world that appears more or less real." Google Tetris Logo Lately the term has come to describe more advanced computer-generated worlds which require special goggles and gloves that respond to the motions of the player, sometimes strapped in to a free-standing harness allowing complete body motion, a l Pierce Brosnan's wild rotations in Lawnmower Man. However, video and computer games, while not commonly perceived as VR, are considered subject to the same risks.

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