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The Office of the Commissioner For Entrance Examinations is discharging a very responsible job in the field of Higher Education to conduct kerala entrance results 2009. The Entrance Examinations(kerala entrance results 2009) are instituted with the best intention of finding out the most meritorious students for admission to the courses. The selection of candidates is made through competitive Examinations of very good standard. The setting of questions are entrusted with only experts in the field. A scientific method is being followed in the evaluation, ranking, selection and admission using Computers. The system followed was also upheld by the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala

the kerala entrance results 2009 will be out on 15th of june 2009 from 9.30am onwards

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Anonymous said...

I understand that this year’s Kerala Medical Entrance results are out, with the deletion of two questions, one each from paper I (Physics and Chemistry) and from Paper 2 (Biology). However, the reason for the omission has not been made public. A look at these questions wouId reveal the following:
The question in paper I, which is on identifying the green house gas, must have been deleted because of the possibility of having two options, i.e., CO2 and N2O as correct answers. However, for a person who is under pressure in the exam hall to opt for ‘the most appropriate’ one, (as specifically mentioned among the instructions (No.4) to the candidate, in the question paper itself), the former will have to be opted based on the large percentage of its contribution to the effect, while the N2O comparatively makes only a least contribution.
As for the other question in paper II, it must have been deleted because of the wrong spelling as ‘renin’ (term related to RAAS), instead of ‘rennin’, if it has to match with milk protein. But again, under the similar condition mentioned above, a candidate, if knowledgeable, will have to opt for the only match possible, considering it as an editorial error, as there was no other alternative other than that.
It raises a few crucial questions: How does such negligence occur, given the high importance given to the entrance exam and the process of scrutiny? Is the formula adopted to compensate the deleted question appropriate?
Coming to the formula adopted to compensate the deleted question, it does not seem to do justice to all alike.
While both Chemistry and Physics are combined on one single paper, why the multiplication be done by 72/71 instead of 120/119 as in paper II?
When a question is omitted there could be three situations as for a candidate is concerned: the deleted question could be either 1) one of the wrongly answered questions or 2) one of the unattended questions, or 3) among the correctly answered questions as per the answer key published. Hence, it affects the scores of each candidate in different situations differently.
Let us assume that three candidates have attended in paper II, 110 questions of which 10 are wrongly answered. The total score all the three expect based on the answer key is 390. After the deletion of, say two questions, the candidate in the three situations would get 398.6441, 396.6102, 388.4746 respectively, assuming that both deleted questions correspond to the respective situations, definitely having a large impact in the ranking order.
I am one of those among the last category.
How could this be justified?