Friday, June 12, 2009

masilamani movie review - hit or flop

Today the much awaited more of Tamil film the masilamani movie released, unfortunately(or lucky..??) i dint get the ticket for the first day show for masilamani film ,

one of my friend made it , he is a hard core Nakul fan , so i was just waiting to hear from him about the first hand masilamani movie review ,just the look on his face the moment it told the full masilamani review in a glimpse , to me i can describe masilamani movie review as in one word "as usual" (hope you guys got it)

update : i saw the movie due to friends completion this what i have to say " want to watch masilamani movie review and dint get tickets ? don't worry take any old standard vijay movie that you got and watch it again,celebrate pongal with your family at home and watch the speally lpongal show on tv (they are better),dont wate time on this movie , time is precious , money too , better go donate that money for this movie ticket to the needy, you would atleast earn good deeds "

then i just went around the net for more critical views on masilamani movie review , i know i am not going to get anything new with this online masilamani movie review either but just googled around (did encounter lots of spam blogs on the way) , finally made it to what ia was looking for "the masilamani movie review" by to describe the entire review in line

Only if you are a die-hard Nakul & Sunaina fan

seen the movie ? what have you got to got to rant about masilamani movie ? give your personal experience about masilamani movie

i have just made a compilation of online masilamani movie reviews -

masilamani film review by behindwoods

Looks like there is no respite from the dry spell cast by the lack of new releases at the box office. And lesser said the better about the ones released. SUN Pictures’ Masilamani gives you an instant hangover of having watched too many movies over a very short period of time. The script feels like a medley-mash of movies released over the past decade. And it wouldn’t be possible for us name each of them since the list runs to pages.

Masi (Nakul) is college student, who is also a social activist. For example, if there is a block in his street’s open water drain he would run up to the MLA’s house and wreak havoc. And if there is an eve-teasing incident on the buses that run in his area, he would bash the miscreants to armor the innocent girls. Sunaina, however, mistakes his so-called social activism to anti-socialism. On the other hand, Nakul has fallen for her hook, line and sinker and realizes that she’s his ideal girl. So to win her heart, he wins her family’s first. Under the disguise of Mani, who is Mr. Deeds. The whole world and her family, of course, know Mani except Sunaina. And when she finds out that both Masi and Mani are the same, she has to decide whom she has fallen for.

masilamani film review by india times

"The story is as old as that of lithic age – an angry son who taking revenge on those responsible for the death of his father. Nakul enacts a dual role – that of a son and father. Prabhudeva has laced it with commercial elements including comedy and action.The movie revolves around a macho-man Pughazh (Nakul ). Thanks to the help of Joseph (Manoj K Jayan), a honest cop, Pughazh begins his search for a international gangster and arms supplier JD (Prakashraj). Meanwhile, Pughazh goes to a village to attend a wedding and comes across Jhanvi (Nayantara). After cat and mouse games, love blossoms between them. Pughazh comes to know that she is the daughter of JD. He sets to Munich in Germany to meet JD along with Jhanvi. He meets JD's gang (Sriman, Anandhraj and Devaraj). After initial encounters, he evolves his own plans and starts eliminating them one after another." more....

masilamani movie review by india glitz

"On the whole, Nakul 's masilamani is a action-packed mass masala film for his ardent fans but with loose ends." more...

masilamani movie review by

masilamani film review by times of india(toi)

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Karthik.R said...

Masimani. Oru kevalamaana padam.

Anonymous said...

Hero - doesn't know to act. He is not suitable to act as hero.

Heroine - Doesn't know to dance & act.

Anonymous said...

they r the best jodi!!gud luck for them.....v as a indian should give them moral support n should not discourage them la guys............try to improve la!!!!

Anonymous said...

nakul and sunaina are new faces in industry nakul dnt no acting very well but he can do good acting in his upcoming film