Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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What’s it with Rahul Bose?

He’s outdoing Bollywood serial kisser
Emraan Hashmi
in the number of times he gets to make out with lovely actresses on screen. The Bengali actor and sportsman has kissed a number, from Malika Sherawat to Laila Rouass, and now he’s getting into a horror film where (as luck would have it) he gets to romance well-known British model militza radmilovic sexy

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militza radmilovic sexy pics

The film, Fired, apparently has several intense, sizzling and steamy scenes between Rahul and militza radmilovic that, its production house said, might prove too much for Indian audiences. We disagree. That might be total hype to sell the film. Though with such a hot promise as militza radmilovic (take a look at her!), which Indian audience is going to object to her getting steamy with Bose or anybody else for that matter!

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