Monday, July 6, 2009

jeecup results 2009 | up polytechnic entrance

jeecup results 2009 of rgtu are to be anounced ,students who have taken up the jeecup test are egerly awaiting their jeecup results 2009. the official website that declares the jeecup results 2009 is the official website for rgtu jeecup results 2009, is the only site from which you can get your jeecup results 2009 its not or that people mistake for the wesite were they can get the jeecup results 2009

the links to rgtu jeecup results 2009 are given below

jeecup results 2009 link1

jeecup results 2009 link2

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s n kanungo said...

I am ex jwo discharged from airForce on 30 Nov 2001. I want to know my pension Basic as on 1 July 2009.

Anonymous said...

Retired in May 19993 from IAF as Sergeant (group-III) after serving for 15 years. Present basic pension is Rs 3633.00. Will it be possible to know what will be the new one, after the declaration from Min of Fin in the budget 2009-10 by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, one rank one pension.
Thanking You

Mehra said...

I am a person who retd. as naib on 30 June 1996, after putting 17 years in service, I want to know my fresh amount of pention after the benifit of OROP, as in present I am getting 3965/- per month as retirement penion
please provide me the detail on my e mail

Anonymous said...

Hi friends! I am JWO of GP-X and served IAF for 20 yrs. My old B.P was Rs. 7100/= and the revised one is Rs. 8720/=. The effective date of OROP is 01/07/2009 and all your arrears will be paid within 3 months. Let us hope for the best. Do not show your self so low that you are unable to pay the school fees of your wards. After all basically you are a soldier.

pintu said...

Dear Sir,
I am ex sub/maj h/Lt Gyan singh and i got retirement in 31 oct.2000 and my current pension is 13665 please tell me what is the my revised pension after sensioning the one rank one pension

Anonymous said...

I am retired CPOAF from Indian Navy my basic pesion is 5577 now what will be my pension now

May 29-05-10

Anonymous said...

sir i am Ex-AMC Hav/Nur asst retired as on 31/10/2011 after completion of 24 years 28 days & low med cat SH2APE With 20% med board.just tell me what is my normal service pension and med board pension,send me on my