Friday, July 3, 2009

list of nonstop turant trains

Railway minister Mamata Banerjee has alloted high speed Nonstop trains by the name turant trains list in rail budget 2009 2010 connecting major stations which run point to point without stops in between.

list of nonstop Turant Trains

1. New Delhi-JammuTawi Non stop (Tri-weekly)
2. Howrah- Mumbai (AC) Non stop (Bi-weekly)
3. Mumbai-Ahmedabad (AC) Non stop (Tri-weekly)
4. Chennai- Delhi Non stop (Bi-weekly)
5. New Delhi -Lucknow Non stop (Tri-weekly)
6. Delhi-Pune (AC) Non stop (Bi-weekly)
7. Howarh - Delhi Non stop (Bi-Weekly)
8. New Delhi -Allahabad Non stop (Tri- weekly)
9. Sealdah-New Delhi Non stop (Bi-Weekly)
10. Kolkata-Amritsar Non stop (Bi-weekly)
11. Bhubaneswar - Delhi Non Stop (Weekly)
12. Ernakulam - Delhi Non Stop (Weekly)

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