Thursday, July 23, 2009

rdpr online application form download

rdpr online application

download rdpr online application form from here

the GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for filling rdpr online application form

1. Kindly click here to read the Information Booklet on the panchayat devolopment officer post.

2. Please read the instructions given in How to fill the application Form before opening the application form.

3. If your system is not supporting kannada font/language, then you may see the kannada content in not readable form.However you can continue filling of application ignoring this.

4. All applicants will have to submit their application using the Online Application Form only.

5. Candidates are advised to note down the Reference Number displayed on the screen after submitting their application.

6. Applicants will have to take a print out of the Acknowledgement Slip and Challan copies after filling the online application. If you have missed taking the print out, click the link Duplicate Ack. Form for taking a copy of the same.

7. Applicants are advised to verify the status of their applications and the payments through the link Application Status after 3 days of making payment at the bank or 20/07/2009 onwards.

8. For printing the duplicate Acknowledgement Slip, the Reference Number and Date of Birth are required.

9. For printing the duplicate Acknowledgement Slip or Challans use A4 Paper size and portrait option in printing preferences.

10. Click on or to select the option. Multiple can be selected as applicable.

11. Candidates are advised not to send the printout of the Ack. Slip to RDPR or ZP. Ack. Slip is for your reference only.

12. Information regarding receipt of payment can be viewed on the website as per the date given in the information booklet.

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