Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bhuvan toolbar download

isro has launched bhuvan which is a 3d mapping tool.isro has launched bhuvan to see sharper pictures of any part of the world in computers.

The new launch of bhuvan a web-based tool allows users to have a closer look at any part of the subcontinent barring sensitive locations such as military and nuclear installations.

it is very easy to download bhuvan toolbar

how to download bhuvan

1. Visit the Bhuvan website at

2. Register by filling up the registration form found at the website for free.

3. Download bhuvan plugin. This is a 10.7 MB setup executable file(exe) which requires 1-2 minutes to download in an 1Mbps broadband connection

4. You can select Run to install the plugin to your computer

5. After successful installation go to and login with your username and password

6. You will be directed to the Bhuvan Indian Earth Observation Visualisation home page

for more on isro launch of bhuvan visit the links given below:

1.isro bhuvan launch link

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