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ekta chaudhary out of Miss Universe 2009

ekta chaudhary out of Miss Universe 2009

Miss India ekta chaudhary 's battle for the coveted Miss Universe 2009 crown came to an end on Monday morning, as she crashed out of the pageant and failed to make it to the top 15.

Miss USA was chosen on Sunday as one of the top 15 finalists who will be vying for the Miss Universe crown. Kristen Dalton joins contestants from the following countries: Puerto Rico, Iceland, Albania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Kosovo, Australia, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Croatia and Venezuela.

The 15 finalists appeared in bathing suits. The final 10 will be chosen before the evening gown segment and the final five will take questions from the judges.

Ekta Chaudhary out of Miss Universe 2009

Earlier, the confident and gorgeous beauty won a lot of compliments during her stay at the Bahamas, where the contest is being held. Ekta told us, “Somebody told me that I represent my country very well. Another compliment that touched my heart was — ‘though you look very Indian, yet your personality is very global’.”

Back home, designer Ritu Kumar, who has designed her national costume for the pageant, had commented, “Her height, I think, is her strongest point and then comes her classic face. I see amazing confidence in her.”

Designers Gauri-Nainika, who designed her evening gown, added, “Ekta is a very natural person. When we were working with her, she was not trying to be someone she is not.”

At the end of the show, Miss Universe 2008, Venezuelan Dayana Mendoza, will crown her successor.

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