Saturday, August 1, 2009

friendship day tamil sms collection

just one more day to go for friendship day and also just one more day left before these mobile operaters turn greedy to charge for our messages(i think its a better to send friendship day tamil sms online for free), so cunning that they have made us do all the wisings in advance n always, all the typical festive msgs have the advance tag attached to it more or less. so we are in the same situation to send friendship day tamil wishes/friendship day tamil greetings a day in advanse , i realised that like me many ppl out there tring to find a veru nice cute friendship day tamil sms online, do i decided to make your work by compling a list of friendship day tamil sms/friendship day tamil messages to fwds. i did have trouble in locating the site which accually has content instead of blogs stuffed with keywords. the search string friendship day tamil sms.friendship day tamil msg gave lots of spam results to i had to search with intellectual keywords ins of just "friendship day tamil sms" or "friendship day tamil wishes". and finally i have compiled a list of hot friendship day tamil sms and friendship day tamil greetings msgs.

friendship day tamil sms collection

friendship day tamil sms 1
mai moodi Nee urangu.. Un vizhi vaasalil Naan kaaval iruppaen.. Intha iravu iniya iravaagattum.., Iniya kanavugalodu.. Iravu Vanakam!

friendship day tamil sms 2

People say ‘Never expect anything in return from anyone’.

But the truth is..

when we really love someone, we naturally expect a little care from them.

friendship day tamil sms 3
“I don’t remember how we happened to meet each other.

I don’t remember who got along with whom first.

All i can remember is all of us together”…..

Wish you a very Happy friendship day
friendship day tamil sms 4
Love is like “missed call” it stops when u try to catch,But

Friendship is like “scrap” bcoz it comes & stays inside ur scrapbook untill u delete it.

friendship day tamil sms 5

“Ulagirkku OLI Tharum Suriyane Uranga Sendru Vittathu”

“En Uyirku OLI tharum natpe Nee Mattum Yen Vilithirukirai Poi Kan Urangu” GOOD NIGHT…! sweet dreams..

friendship day tamil sms 6

Kadhaliyin kannasaivuku 1000 arthangal..
aanaal nanbanin kannasaivuku orae arrtham
“Machan super figure varuthu takunu thirumbi paarru”

friendship day tamil sms 7

Singaththai Yaaralum
Konja Mudiyaadhu…
Nam Natpai Yaaralum
Minja Mudiyaadhu!
friendship day tamil sms 8

Neeril kulithaalum,
Neruppil Erindaalum,
Thangam niram maaraadhu.
Adhupol nee arugil irundaalum,
Tholaivil irundaalum,
Endrume en natpu maaraadhu.

friendship day tamil sms 9
Vittu Koduppadhu
Mattum Natpalla
Bittu Koduppadhudhan
Unmaiyana NATPU!!!
friendship day tamil sms 10
Naatkall Nammai
Kadandhu Sendraalum…
Ninaivugall Nammai
Vittu Pirindhu Selvadhillai…!!!
Enrum Ungall Natpin Ninaivugaludan…
Ungall Nannban.

if u need any more friendship day tamil sms do post in comments if try to make this even bigger list of friendship day tamil msgs,

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Friendship sms said...

Hum to sirf aapki baat kiya karte hain,
Har dhadkan pe aapka naam liya karte hain,
Aap ho hume apni jaan se bhi pyare,
Tabhi to waqt bewaqt yaad kiya karte hain.

Anonymous said...

plz provide few more tamil friendship quotes

Anonymous said...

Friendship is alwayzzzzzzz GETHU

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good collection of sms , provide more friendship day tamil sms