Sunday, August 2, 2009

Giselle Monteiro @ Love Aaj Kal

The Punjabi kudi isn’t a Punjabi kudi at all. She’s a 19-year-old Brazilian model called Giselle Monteiro who couldn’t speak Hindi or dance to save her life, at one point in time.

Mumbai, Movies do come with surprises sometimes by the actor and the audience as well.

Rishi Kapoor has acted as Veer Singh in Love Aaj Kal and he shares his own love story with Harleen Kaur played by Giselle Monteiro to Saif Ali Khan’s character. But in the film, as he narrates to Saif his love story, he imagines his younger self as Saif, so that’s how we see Saif playing the Sardar in the film.

But something is strange here as Kapoor gets married to Harleen Kaur’s character the aged, Harleen shown with him in the climax is none other than his own real wife Neetu Singh.

It is quite peculiar that one would assume when films are being made, main lead actors of the film do meet each other during the making.


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