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kandasamy movie review | kandasamy hit or flop

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kandasamy movie review
- (The best movie of 2009 ????) thats wat internet tells , but its a promotional gimmick , the movie is utter flop , abosule waste or time , it really want to watch the movie buy an dvd of sivaji or gentleman (those are even better than this ) . its really a shame for tamil movie industry at times when bollywood is going at gr8 guns , we can blame it entiely on the tamil film industry as they are dependent on the " c class" audience for their success ,

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the very antisipated movie of kollywood "kandasamy tamil movie" will release tmro june 19th, you can get the " kandasamy movie review " from various kollywood portals here. keep checking this page for kandasamy film review. as we there are lots of movies releasing as due to the stike by kollywood producers had stocked up many movies for release so read the kandasamy review before making your decition , check out this page to c if kandasamy movie hit or flop

story of kandasamy movie

kandasamy opens with scenes showing ordinary people flocking to a Murugan temple which has become famous as all your wishes can be fulfilled at the temple. All those who submit their woes as petitions to kandasamy (another name for Lord Muruga) on a piece of paper and tie it to a tree in the temple, their problems mainly financial are solved.

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The kanthaswamy (one of the names of Lord Muruga) in the temple catches the rage of people. Soon a super hero kanthaswamy (Vikram) emerges to help people solve their problems. A modern day Robinhood, he provides them with money. Soon the growing name and fame of the temple and serious of events in the city results in a suspicion among police. A tough cop (Prabhu), who happens to be the DIG, starts investigating the issue.

Enters young CBI officer kanthaswamy (Vikram) with a zeal and dedication to bring out black money from rich and wealthy men. A man of great skills, he sets out on a mission. He comes across Ponnusamy called as PPP (Ashish Vidyarthi), a rich man in the town. He conducts a raid and unearths unaccounted cash and documents worth over Rs 1000 crore. In a bid to revenge kanthaswamy, PPP's daughter Subbulakshmi (Shriya ) pretends loving him. It is all but a cat and mouse game between PPP, a few other villains and kanthaswamy.

A fantasy film may seem to have a clichéd storyline. But it needs to be supported by a racy screenplay to sustain the interest of the audience. Susi Ganeshan has mastered this trick with kanthaswamy. He is at his best coming with a free flowing script that provides interesting moments in almost every scene (though apparently inspired by Shankar).

The movie reminds Amitabh Bachchan's ‘Shahenshah’ and the character that Vikram plays is more of ‘Anniyan’ meeting James Bond.

Shriya Saran, the cool cat, plays a perfect foil to Vikram in the film. She oozes with energy and is scene-stealer in songs. Prabhu is dignified as usual in his role while Vadivelu's comedies manage to evoke right humour. Ashish Vidyarthy, Rajmohan among others play typical villains of Tamil cinema.

The movie is a joy ride for everyone who loves commercial masala entertainers. Sure to enthrall both brainy and brawny,

kanthaswamy’ is a delight to watch.

Still from kandasamy

kandasamy movie review by daily latest news

Well then one more anniyan with shreyas feel. But this occasion there is a large amount of publicity.

(It appears movies are more publicity reliant than movie reliant)

But the most excellent part is the all stars that are astonishing. All the no. 1 actors in 1 movie. And this point in time the much expected song should be expectantly diverse and not like English songs. (Music directors have forgotten originality these days)

The trailer is much special than before & this time it is additional thrilling to see that Vikram has many outfits in the movie
Big works by the appear at the films that are there for this movie. Optimistically a appropriate movie. Anyhow there is Shreya who I think is salaried to put on her clothing. And there is the all corpse Vikram whose charm is invincible. (But the information that he is a fine soil person cannot be detached from his features still in his acting.) But yet this performer is going to provide a hit surely for this time.

On second thoughts the narrative of kandasamy dominated by gang-war and drug mafia doesn’t sound absolutely innovative. But Vishal Bharwadwaj applies a complete different language of cinema to make the film look fascinating. The writing is erratic as it enters late into every scene and makes an early exit. The story-telling involves a multitude of characters, none of them being conventionally introduced or established. You are expected to acclimatize with each of them on your own and learn their conflicts, as the story progresses promptly.

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Chiyaan Vikram has a winner in kandasamy. It is pure commercial masala entertainer that strikes a fine balance between style and substance, and also has a neat message. Susi Ganeshan has constructed an engrossing action driven adventure with panache.

The film has all the trademark superhero-movie elements like flashy action scenes and eye-popping special effects. But in many ways, it is not the typical super-hero film that one imagines it to be. Well, that’s the twist in the tale which we will not reveal as it will be a spoiler.

Soon kandasamy (Vikram) becomes a phenomenon, a caped crusader dressed as a rooster, takes up letters of ordinary folks from the petition tree, and in a Robin Hood way provides cash and succor. The local DIG of Police (Prabhu) suspects that there is something unnatural about it and starts investigating.

Meanwhile there is this brave and daring CBI officer kandasamy (Vikram), who is on a mission to uncover black money and illegal wealth of rich and corrupt Indians stashed in foreign banks, which he believes is responsible for all the crime in our society. And our hero has the IQ of a genius, the strength of a bull and the speed of a cheetah.

Soon he crosses swords with Pallur Paramajyoti Ponnusamy or PPP (Ashish Vidyarti), the man with a golden tooth and conducts a raid in his palatial bungalow and finds unaccounted cash and documents of various foreign deals worth over Rs 1000 crore! PPP is devastated after the raid and his only daughter Subbalakshmi (Shriya Saran) swears revenge and pretends to fall in love with the dashing IPS officer.

What is the connection between masked crusader kandasamy and the CBI officer kandasamy? Why is the CBI Joint Director Krishna Rao (Telugu actor Krishna) protecting Mr. kandasamy? Can the villains- PPP, Rajmohan of RMG group, and Mexican Pitchumani (Alex) expose and bring kandasamy to trial? Will the DIG succeed in proving that kandasamy is no God? The underlining message in the film is, “Money (read black) is the root cause of all evil”.

Don’t ask the answers to all these questions, the idea is to have a chill out time. Watch the action which is fast paced even though slightly long ( 3 hours 12 minutes), chew on your popcorn as the adrenaline goes pumping. The rooster kandasamy introduction scene where he comes crashing through the dome of a police station, and plays around with the bad comic cop (Mansoor Ali Khan) is terrific.

But the highlight is kandasamy dressed as a woman, a la Aishwarya Rai and teaching Charly and Mayilsamy a fitting lesson is hilarious. The verbal foreplay between the quarrelsome kandasamy and Subbalakshmi is quite ticklish, and kandasamy’s blindfolded action scenes in Mexico are stunning.

Technically the film is chic with slick production values. The innovative camera angles and lighting of cinematographer NK Ekambaram makes the film visually stunning. He has given a different colour tone to the Mexico episode of the film. Thotta Tharini’s set designs are fabulous, the luxury bedroom of the heroine and the interior of the plush bus used as villain’s hide out is fantastic. The VFX work of Movinstilz makes it picture perfect, the night effect scenes especially the fight scene in the corn field.

Music of Devi Sri Prasad blends with the mood of the film. Two of the six songs, Excuse me Mr.kandasamy… and Yen Peru Meenakumari have been well picturised and lavishly shot. There is grandeur and richness in every shot in the film, no wonder it took two years to complete. Susy Ganeshan who does a cameo in the film joins the big league of directors in Tamil for directing an adventurous film with an underlying message.

But the film indubitably belongs to Vikram and he rocks. He is mesmerizing and has given an extra dimension to the characters he plays in the film and steers it to the winning post. There are very few people in Indian cinema who can do the larger-than-life fantasy character as easily as Vikram.

Shriya sizzles throughout and carries the glamorous role with élan and the attitude. Prabhu fits the role of an investigative cop, while the villains are a bit clichéd. Some of the film's most enjoyable moments are Vadivel‘s comedy track as Thengakadai Thenappan. The scene where Prabhu takes him to the police station for questioning and uses water cannon is a scream!

In short, kandasamy is a roller coaster ride of pure unadulterated masala. So go ahead, make your matinee.

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