Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sach Ka Samna August 20th youtube online video

Sach Ka Samna  August 20th online video

There is no truth that deterred brave young lass Zahra Rehmani in Sach Ka Samna  August 20th show from gunning One Crore on Sach Ka Samna 20 August. There hasn't been any other contestant who has moved so swiftly through jittery questions as her.

Sach Ka Samna  August 20th   youtube video

sach_imran.jpgZahra was intensely questioned on her personal feeling for Fiancé Imran and her past relationships, she did admit at lying to Imran about her closeness to past beaus. Zahra quickly moved past the five lacs question pyramid where her professional credentials were put to questions and she said that all is fair when you have to shoulder the responsibilities of sach_20aug_botm.jpgrunning the house. Her father has separated from the family but she hasn't broken ties with him. The confidence Zahra has is immense and after winning 10 Lacs she wants to play for 25 Lacs even though her family wants to call it quits.

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