Friday, August 7, 2009

tere sang movie review

the movie tere sang movie is released!!!

tere sang movie Cast: Ruslaan Mumtaaz, Sheena Shahabadi, Satish Kaushsik, Rajat Kapoor, Sushmita Mukerjee, Neena Gupta, Anupam Kher

tere sang movie Director: Satish Kaushik

the movie tere sang movie deals with a stoty of a Fifteen year old Mahi (Sheena) is going to be a mommy, and seventeen year old Kukoo aka Kabir (Ruslaan) a daddy. The central idea has been stolen from ‘Juno’, bittersweet indie Hollywood hit about teenage pregnancy and parenthood and responsibility. If only Satish Kaushik had retained more of the honesty of the original, ‘Tere Sang movie’ would have been a revolutionary Hindi film.

Even if the conception is less than immaculate, it’s lumped on too much champagne: it’s a starry night, the ‘kidults’ are in a camp, they get high and they do the thing – the camera stays decorously out of the tent, all we see are shadows merging. The same confusion colours the film: should it present the first pair of teenage Indian kids who have sex, with the girl pushing, and the boy pulling? Or should it soft-soap everything?

with all these stuffs tere sang movie is sure to get into controversies.

best of luck to tere sang movie!!!!


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