Wednesday, August 19, 2009 site of tnvat

the official site to tnvat is , the site might be down now due to high traffic but is the only site having information on tnvat. some people mistake for other sites like or or instead of

following you have direct link to link1 link2

as its mentioned earlier the official site to tnvat is only

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Anonymous said... theidnallum kidaikathu their are sleeping like Kumbakarna

Anonymous said...

this TNVAT website is really worthless.. the server is always busy.. the website is not getting connected whenever needed.. pls check this problem and make it something worthful to the users.

Anonymous said...

tn vat some time good many time worst. could not understand why this important site planned very bad. They should come forward to spent a little more. My feeling is better government order to file the return mannually as practically we have to go to the office once in a month to file the copy of efiled return. Let the staff in the office do the data entry work. They have no much work right now. They have plenty of time to take money from the dealers in various way. from peon to top official we have to give tips. Such a worst department. They are selling the TIN certificate, C form and on...... when shall we delivered from the pangs of this worst department.

Madhava Raj said...

always busy...i never get connnected to the site...pls help...

Anonymous said...

selvaraj accountant said always busy please solve this probelm in tn govt

kamlakannan said... is now due to maintenance.. why ... it is very bad ... i hate tamil nadu government .... how can i upload our input tax on these days... stupid website.

Anonymous said...

worst ever vat filing site designed to kill costomers valuable time and money.would u pl rectify.this is a high income department.why not they spend for easing the cutomers.

dudeguru said... site functioning or not ?

Anonymous said... is up and functioning