Thursday, September 24, 2009

ibn lokmat marathi news channel

the ibn lokmat marathi news channel has been launched by network 18.ibn lokmat marathi news channel is a 24-hour marathi is the first time that the network 18 has introduced a marathi news channel.

ibn lokmat marathi news channel is aimed at serving the marathi people in maharashtra and all over india.The ibn lokmat marathi news channel would upgrade itself via its network associate Network18 Group and run commercials on CNN-ibn, ibn-7, CNBC Awaaz and CNBC TV 18 as well as other media.

With reporters in every region of Maharashtra, and access to nationwide as well as worldwide networks, ibn lokmat guarantees to be a bridge between Maharashtra and the broader world.

Nikhil Wagle, ibn-lokmat editor said, “The channel will talk in contemporary Marathi, be inclusive in its approach, will not mince words when it comes to taking up an issue and shall be highly interactive and informative. Over a period of time, the channel will become the most dependable source of information in Marathi across Media. The channel will focus on Maharashtra and not only on Mumbai.”

Rajdeep Sardesai stated, “ibn-lokmat will be tailored on the lines of CNN-ibn and ibn7 and hence the spotlight will continue to stay rooted on the journalistic spirit of 'Whatever it Takes'. With editorial integration between GBN and lokmat, we hope to become the voice of Maharashtra and the channel's content will not only reflect the mood of the viewers, but will also successfully influence popular opinion.”

The channel’s programming will be informatory with a holistic mix of information from different fields, which includes local, regional, national, international, sports, movies, theatre, fashion, etc.

Vijat Darda, lokmat Group chairman told, “The joint-venture will blend together lokmat's reach and understanding of the Marathi mind and GBN's world class standards to create a credible Marathi news channel. I am confident that this relationship will further expand and strengthen this endeavor that is ibn-lokmat."

for more info reg ibn-lokmat visit the link given below

ibn lokmat marathi news channel link

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Anonymous said...

dear sir
i feel you should show cctvvidio every day till the persons who attacked your office & caused very sevear damages to your office equipments are punished.let the public not forget the should be a lesson especially to youngsters who follow blindly taking law in their hands.Install more cctvs in all your offices,public believe in cctv,they understand
how the attackers were grossly wrong. pl do not
accept any appology from any one & try to close
the matter.good luck.

Anonymous said...

nitin wagle,i have been watching your cvrge abut 26/11,i personally i feel u r dng more damage than a media u shuld put across the truth,but not at the cost of depressing,demoralising the confidence of the general public in the Govt efforts to curtail such horrific incidents.pls curtail ur efforts of shwng the Govt efforts in BAD LIGHT.also whenever a particular individual joins the said security forces he/she has and is prepared to bear the burnt of the demands of the said a journalist one has to be preparde for the same,i am sure u will agre on the same.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,mumbai people need help from companies making fool to every they calling customer & telling them their service like u just activate dialer tone for 6months just 125/-rs.customer not want to apply.& without intimating they wil activatimg this service,after deduction customer calling on care executive.after that he saying u activated ur owm not giving proof.this is one this they avoiding&not giving help customer from mobile companies.pls

Anonymous said...

Good Day Mr.Wagle and team of IBN Lokmat,

This is firstly to congratulate u that u have been consistent about showing the facts about what is really happening in Maharashtra.
Firstly the government of Maharashtra has no worries abt we normal middle class society.
I would like to raise some points.
1) Marathi Manus (Shiv Sena and MNS) - To be very frank is this the issue to contradict right now.We have so many pending work (Bridge Constructions,Road Construction,Water problem,Inflation (Rise in all food products).What abt this? Who will solve this issues?

2) Politics Vs Bollywood/Sports - Is there any reason for Shiv Sena to raise this issue of Pakistan players playing in IPL,Not allowing to run the theatres with SRK's movies.I think this is really childish.They have so many other issue to look at.This is just bad politics.

Sir i need to convey what i feel abt our Country.I am citizen of India and i want my contry to be safe.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Wagle

With the summer approaching and waterscarcity , I suggest your channel to appeal to the people , the Engineering students of colleges and IITs to come up with solution to store and save the huge deluge of Rains in Mumbai and in the Western ghats, which go completely waste.If this water can be stored then in case of difficulties the stored water will be of immense use.

You can get some very good ideas from the brilliant students which will be great service to the society.


Ashok Patankar

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Nikhilji,

I had visited Lal baug cha raj as i do every year,i stand in NAVAS line.It took 18 hrs for me to get RAJA'S darshan.I & all other would had saved our 4-5 hrs if there would had being proper arrangements done.There were NO local volunteers in the Mahada Pandal.Women were fainting No volunteers were there to inform to Doctor.
After the darshan I saw that the Mandal Adhikari were busy taking the VIPS & Celebrites for RAJA's Darshan.I felt very sad that the Common person is standing for 18-20hrs in line and this Mandal volunteers are busy taking the VIPS for Darshan.The Mandal has bocome big because of the Common People.When we told one of the police person he answered "Me amantran nahi del tumhala,drashana la ya".The police were busy taking there relatives and known person for darshan,becoz of all this the NAVAS line people have to wait for 20 to 30 hrs.Hope Bappa will give BUDDHI to the organisers for better arrangemnets NEXT year,Hope Nikilji you will help the COMMON MAN.....GANPATIM BAPPA MORYA................

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Nikhil Wagle I am originally from Nagpur and living in Singrauli. I am not able to watch IBN Lokmat since 10th Feb. 2011 evening. Is is now a pay channel. Kindly confirm.
Ravindra Aurangabadkar.

स्वाती कुलकर्णी said...

I want to share some thing here.
My sister's baby "Rimzim" is going to 1st standard.
Her school fee is around 40000 per annum;
Where medical college fees are 18000 per semester I guess.
So is this a good sign for our coming generation.
Means we are spending some money on our children......
and what we expect from them to earn that much money...
in this case how can we expect our coming generation will be scientist, social worker, writer a doctor working for villages or a farmer ........
In this scenario this is not possible at all...
Some of you will defiantly have arguments like "You teach your children in schools having less fees"...
But is it the solution? The syllabus of such schools matters a lot.
What I suggest is.... The syllabus for all the schools must be same and updated one.
The language may be different but the syllabus should be same.

Then there will no need to go for un -aided school for good syllabus.
and even a poor student who get education in ZP schools or in ruler area can get the equal quality of education.

Off course as per their grasping power a student will understand but at least he will get the chance to understand.....

And this education should also provide some vocational skills as per student ability.

So this is real time to think now......