Tuesday, September 29, 2009

irctc.co.in-official site of irctc

the official site to irctc is irctc.co.in , the site might be down now due to high traffic but irctc.co.in is the only site having information on irctc. some people mistake irctc.co.in for other sites like irctc.co.com or irctc.co.in or irctc.co.net instead of irctc.co.in.

following you have direct link to irctc.co.in

www.irctc.co.in link1

irctc.co.in link2

as its mentioned earlier the official site to irctc is irctc.co.in only

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irctc said...

The irctc site is a great site to use and I really had a very pleasing experience using the site

Bhanu Pratap said...


Thanks for posting such a great information on India railways, but I think the main issue with IRCTC is the REFUND.
The refund policy is very bad, it may take more then 3-4 months even after many followups via emails and even send a written complaint to the GM of Indian Railways.. This is the only drawback, our Govt. should take some action and improve the refund policy so that customer do not face at least refund problem.

IRCTC Login said...

Great Site for Booking E ticket of indian railways