Monday, September 7, 2009

miraj dangal riots 2009

miraj dangal was held at the city of miraj on 2nd sep 2009,a day before anant chathurdashi.

thre was a major riot taking place in the city of miraj.the people were going out of control and the police could not stop it.

miraj dangal video 1

miraj dangal video 2

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Gopinath Munde today has been stopped to visit trouble torn Sangali where curfew was clamped after the trouble began.

According to a report, Munde was stopped from boarding the Sangli bound plane and was interrogated at an airport here.

Munde was detained at the Mumbai airport by state police when he was on his way to violence-hit Sangli district to address a meeting there.

Officials said he was detained as his address could aggravate the tense situation in the district.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Brijesh Singh said Munde has been prevented from going to Miraj in wake of the communal clashes there and his boarding pass has been seized.

Munde was to address a meeting in connection with a recent riot at miraj in the district, BJP sources said.

The trouble had started on Anant Chaturdashi day-- September 3-- when some pro-Hindutva organisations tried to raise an arch on the Ganesh idol immersion procession route, depicting murder of Mughal warrior Afzulkhan by king Shivaji as recorded in the Maratha history.


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