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wanted movie review - The best movie of 2009 !!!

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about wanted movie

This is for fans and foes of Salman Khan.

Fans, rejoice, Salman is back with a vengeance with wanted. This is his deadliest performance to date.

Yes, you read it right!

Foes, sorry, you won't be able to lash out at him or pick on him or launch a vicious tirade this time. The spate of flops should come to a grinding halt with wanted.

Let's get this straight. wanted rides on Salman Khan's star power. He may not be the best actor in town, but in a film like Wanted, in a role that seems like an extension of his personality, you can't think of anyone else enacting this role with flourish.

story of wanted movie

Radhe (Salman Khan) is a hardcore gangster. A sharpshooter with a sharp brain, he works for Gani Bhai (Prakash Raj), the dreaded Mafioso, but on his own terms. Totally fearless, Radhe single-handedly eliminates Gani Bhai's enemies one by one; making more enemies in the process.

He's astounded when the young and pretty Jahnvi (Ayesha Takia Azmi) professes her liking for him. Inspector Talpade's (Mahesh Manjrekar) lustful eyes fall on Jahnvi. He doesn't know that Jahnvi has developed a soft corner for Radhe.

Whether it's the Golden Gang or Data Pawle's Gang, everybody wants the biggest piece of the lucrative cake that is Mumbai and the only way to get it is to eliminate whoever gets in the way. As Mumbai reels under bloody gang wars, Commissioner Ashraf Khan (Govind Namdeo) vows to make the city crime free.

wanted movie review
by india times -/photo.cms?msid=5023495

The term masala movie must have been minted especially for films like Wanted that are formulated using all cinematic ingredients of song-n-dance, drama, action, romance, revenge and then spiced up like strong South sambhar. For a change this sambhar tastes scrumptious since the pepperiness is in proportion. The story is not groundbreaking but isn’t mindless either, the humour is boisterous but not slapstick, the action is exaggerated but is slickly convincing nonetheless and the protagonist is projected not merely as an actor but a hero.

Radhe (Salman Khan) is a hardcore gangster who calmly kills anyone for money. He reels around aimlessly (with some real life friends) and by the end of first reel, falls in love at first sight with Janhvi (Ayesha Takia). A lecherous cop Talpade (Mahesh Manjrekar) has an eye on Janhvi. Meanwhile Radhe’s funny boss Gani (Prakash Raj) who operates from abroad comes down to India. Then there is a customary conspiracy to assassinate the minister at a public event. But before that can transpire the bad man is butchered.

So what’s new you ask? The story by Puri Jagannath (who also directed the original Telugu film Pokhiri) is the same old recipe. It’s the garnishing that adds to the appeal. The pacing is as swift as Prabhudheva’s dance movements, giving you no time to ponder over the proceedings. The heavy-duty editing and Vijayan Master’s hard-hitting action sequences keep you riveted.

wanted movie review
by sify-

He's ultra-macho; She's delicate and quivering like an autumn leaf.

He kills people like some swat flies; She finds that deplorable and then proceeds to sing romantic numbers with him.

This happens because whenever her izzat is in danger, which keeps happening throughout the film, He-Man appears in all his growling glory.

Radhe (Salman Khan) works in Mumbai's badlands as a killer, switching sides depending on the pay-packet. And yet, he's shown to have a heart of gold (much like Salman Khan’s personal dichotomous image). When not setting eve-teasers on the right track, he strictly follows the funda that he won't kill women and children.

Radhe bumps into Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia) often, like it only happens in films, and their love story begins the first time he saves her from a leery cop.

This policemen (Mahesh Manjerekar, as always saying ) is the sort of unpleasant character that we saw in films a couple of decades back. He spits on the No Spitting board and has dreams of bedding Jhanvi, even eyeing the mother. When things don't work out, he sends a couple of goons to pretend to rape the girl, so her marriage prospects are dimmed (did someone actually think before writing this script?).

Meanwhile the daughter of an honest cop (Govind Namdeo) is kidnapped and raped by some don. In this film, the entire purpose of women characters is so they can be sexually assaulted (except the heroine who is molested and therefore virginal), and Radhe can rescue them in innovative ways. One is tempted to repeat the above question: did someone actually think before writing this script?

wanted movie review
by ndtv-

The mind-numbing violence that these men engineer is interspersed with Radhey’s love story with a call center employee, played by Ayesha Takia, who is either doing aerobics or being mauled by men.

Women are routinely brutalized in Wanted. At one point, the villain directs his men to gang rape the police commissioner’s daughter, saying that he must hear her screams. The men don’t do much better. Most end up broken or dead.

Wanted is what film trade pundits routinely describe as a movie for the masses. But I’m not sure who will find this tedious parade of dialogue-baazi and blood entertaining.

Yes, there is plenty here for action buffs, including a ripped, shirtless Salman going on a killing spree in the climax. The rest of us should just steer clear.

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Anonymous said...

wanted is super duper hit
salman is best in radhe role
it will break records.....

Anonymous said...

its very good movie!! Salman is awesome in this movie....

Anonymous said...

i watched the movie and find it very good, infact salman looks the best action hero that we have, salman protraed as 'angry young man' in this movie and he looks very convincing, super hit

Anonymous said...

Just see the NDTV rating ... a cheap movie...should be a flop but unfortunately will become hit ...(YMI a recent release was much better movie)

Anonymous said...

its a hit

Anonymous said...

I have already seen Wanted 3 times. Super hit Movie. Salman is at his best.

Anonymous said...

superb movie.. far better than srk's acting

Anonymous said...

salman i am not your fan. but iam one amongst them after looking at this movie. great job.

Anonymous said...

I saw the original Telugu movie. 'Wanted' I should give a 6/10 rating compared to the original movie which in my perspective rates at 9/10.

Anonymous said...

Hi....Awesome movie...I love to see salman's movie..die hard fan of him.....He is superbbbbbbb.....get married soon...soon...with a good girl...if Katrina is delaying...then marry to some other as ur age..plz get married...ur well wisher

Anonymous said...

d movie is a superb duper hit & a full time ntertaiment 1

Anonymous said...

I m from overseas, I havnt seen movie yet, but movie is declared flop overseas on basis of collections.

Shubham said...

Salman is back with bang.I hope he will give many of like this

Anonymous said...

superb even in overseas ita a big hit bdy.............

Anonymous said...

Super hit movie
Top body salman give us some tipps:)
Super job salman is the best

Anonymous said...

salman rocks.....wanted is superduper hit

Anonymous said...

flop movie

Anonymous said...

hi.salman fans........wanted is the "most wanted movie"