Friday, September 4, 2009

ysr crash youtube videos

andhra cm ysr died due to a chopper crash on wednesday.the crash has occured due to a techinal slag in the chopper.some say due to bad weather and some due to the naxals. the centre has arranged a probe on this crash and it is believed to be submitted within 2 months.

the crash has occured in the hills of the nallah mallah forest on is said that the pilot deviated from the track to the left due to bad weather.thus the officials lost contact with the chopper and could not reach there for help.

on thursday the search team tracked the chopper by sms received by the secretary of ysr.

on reaching the site they recovered all the 5 bodies on board.all the 5 bodies were airlifted and sent to hyderabad.

today ysr's body is kept in lal bahadur stadium in hyderabad for people's view ad is going to be airlifted to pulivendula for his burial.

his funeral is set to take place at 3:00 pm.

ysr crash youtube videos 1

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ysr crash youtube videos 3

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Anonymous said...

Who located the crashed helicopter... anybody???

Anonymous said...

Marvelous job done Mr.....(person who found the crash site)