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blue movie review | blue hit or flop

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blue movie review - a below average movie!!!!

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story of blue movie

The story of the movie is based on a ship carrying huge treasure that was sunk in the Bahamas seas. The movie revolves around to search the gold treasure which sunk with the ship “The Lady In Blue'.

The characters in the movie are involved in the hunt for the treasure. Sanjay Dutt, who plays Sagar in the movie is good friend of Aarav (Akshay Kumar). Zayed Khan has played role of Sam, a rich businessman. All of them live in Bahamas.

Aarav, who knows the fact that ship which was sunk in 1949 off the Bahamas seas, regularly tries to instigate Sagar about the details. Aarav believes that Sagar knows the underwater route of the ship.

On the other hand, Sagar has no interest in ship and its treasure. But all of sudden, everything goes changed with the arrival of Sagar's younger brother Sam from Bangkok.

Rahul, who plays role of underworld don Gulshan, is looking after Sam for missing his assignment worth USD 50 million. Gulshan also arrived in Bahamas chasing Sam. Gulshan abducts Sagar's girlfriend Mona (Lara) and gives 24 hours ultimatum to pay back the money.

Sagar has left with no option to search for the treasure laid into the deep sea.

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In absence of a sane screenplay, the viewer is subjected to burnout action sequences and bike chases. By the time the oceanic treasure-hunt initiates in the climax, you see blue since the film is ‘in deep water’. Sadly the authentic aquatic life is put to no active use as even the sharks seem to be harmlessly herbivorous. Rather the regular hero-villain combats are replicated in the oceans to no groundbreaking effect with the marine life playing passive spectators to the proceedings.

Mayur Puri’s casual conversational dialogues sans any cinematic significance and the minimal background score fail to induce depth to the drama. The supposed suspense in the narrative is almost obvious from the start. A R Rahman’s musical score is plain passable this time. The art design by Narendra Rahurikar is decent. Laxman Utekar’s cinematography is fascinating as he captures the Bahamas beaches beautifully in his lens and uses effective close up frames on the cast. Designer Rina Dhaka deserves special mention for styling Lara Dutta at her sexiest best in those white, red, pink and bejeweled bikinis.

The introductory action sequence of a shark attack has been credibly choreographed by James Bomalick. But after a perfect startup for an underwater adventure, the action takes the regular ‘road’ until the climax while the adventure isn’t scripted thrillingly. Blue has munificent footage of marine world which has been stunningly shot by underwater expert Pete Zuccarini ( Pirates of Caribbean ). But the conventional storytelling doesn’t elevate its outcome beyond the visual brilliance of a National Geographical documentary.

Akshay Kumar is decent. Zayed Khan isn’t bad but doesn’t go beyond his regular self. Sanjay Dutt looks dreary and uninterested. With a perfect toned body, Lara Dutta looks desirable and adds grace to her liberal beachwear, not looking one bit vulgar. Katrina Kaif gets no scope. Rahul Dev is regular. Kylie Minogue’s item number comes out of the blue.

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There are so many such examples. The most recent ones that come to mind are Love Story 2050, Drona and Kambakkht Ishq. In an interview, one read ad filmmaker-turned-director Anthony D`Souza talking about how much money was spent shooting Blue in the Bahamas (the perfect location for shooting underwater) and importing food and drink from Florida.

Such money and effort on finding the right location for shooting live sharks and getting a stellar cast; and both wasted.

Spectacularly foolish and devoid of a cohesive story, the filmmakers of Blue expect the viewer to buy the ticket, munch on popcorn and be happy watching some Dhoom-type bike chases, sharks swimming indifferently and Lara Dutta in a bikini.

Shockingly, whatever plot this film revolves around does not start until after intermission. What happens till then? Stock bike chases shot without imagination or novelty; things getting blown up; a man getting shot in the eye; the close-up of a skirt flying to reveal a woman`s inner wear; Lara Dutta`s introduction shot in lingerie; Akshay Kumar in a Jacuzzi with two foreign ladies.

Lara Dutta`s character Mona is Sanjay Dutt`s girlfriend who, in this film, looks like her grandfather. All of them are friends. Sanjay Dutt`s younger brother (Zayed Khan) is in some sort of trouble and also in love with a girl (Katrina Kaif) he met a minute ago.

blue movie review
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The film’s absolute lack of logic is compounded by the low IQ dialogue. In the middle of a murderous gun battle, Lara Dutta screams at Sanjay: Kya Kar Rahe Ho. Baat Cheet Se Har Baat Solve Ho Sakti Hai. The actors supposedly went through intensive training
for the under-water sequences but on ground, they seem to be on a paid vacation
. Akshay, sporting a grey goatee, grins madly but at least he is in shape.

Sanjay sleep-walks through the role, perhaps hoping that viewers won’t notice the bulge beneath the wetsuit. Zayed spends a lot of time with his face hidden behind a motorcycle helmet, which is just as well because his emoting needs serious work. Clearly Anthony D’Souza has ambition. He set out to give Indian audiences a new type of exotic thriller. But he got so busy orchestrating the king-sized stars, the equally big sharks and the blinding bling of the film that he forgot the basic connective tissue: the script.

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