Tuesday, January 5, 2010

xat 2010 cut off for various colleges

as today xat 2010 results came, the question in all students taken the xat 2010 exam is "which college to apply with my score" or "any good college to apply for my score" or "will i get call from xxx college for my percentile" ,

update check out : cut offs for top 50 b schools

so to clear your doughts i decided to write a blog post on" xat 2010 cut off for" top bscools accpeting xat score, the xat 2010 cut off for each college is just an estimated projection,but the results will not be far from this , with the expected xat cut off for each college you can desiced which college you apply with the guide of expected xat 2010 cut offs, but last dates to apply for many colleges under xat could be over, there are few colleges for which admission forms are still availabe, i will mention them l8tr in the post. now lets have look at expected xat 2010 cut off for various institutes(top b shools under xat) ,

these cut offs were arrived after have a look at the cut off estimation doned by ims,time,cl,cf,tyconline and also from the discussions from the pagalguy forum,

it is a consolidated xat 2010 cut off for different institutes from all of the above source*

(in case your confused about which college to apply , post your xat percentile i could suggest you a few options)

xat 2010 cut off for various colleges

xat 2010 cut off for xlri bm - 32+ 98% percentile

xat 2010 cut off for xlri pm - 30+ 95(% percentile)

xat 2010 cut off for spjain - 85(% percentile) (S P Jain Institute of Management and Research)

xat 2010 cut off for gim - 25+ 93(% percentile)

xat 2010 cut off for liba - 80 (% percentile)(Loyola Institute of Business Administration)

xat 2010 cut off for ximb - 27+ 97(% percentile)

xat 2010 cut off for xiss -16+ 75(% percentile)

xat 2010 cut off for xime - 20+ 70(% percentile)

xat 2010 cut off for ifmr - 85 +(% percentile)(Institute for Financial Management and Research)

xat 2010 cut off for Welingkar - 84+(% percentile)


xat 2010 cut off for othere institutes accepting xat score(b+ colleges)

St Josephs College Of Business Administration (SJCBA) - 80+(% percentile)

xat 2010 cut off for iilm - 81+(% percentile)

xat 2010 cut off for Alliance - 79+(Alliance Business Academy)(score)

xat 2010 cut off GIFT- 82+(% percentile)(Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade)

SGIAPIM (Suryadatta Group of Institutes - 77+(% percentile)

Asia Pacific Institute of Management, ahmedabad (apim)- 73+(% percentile)

IIF Business School, Delhi - 77+(% percentile)

xat 2010 cut off for VIT Business School - 70+(% percentile)

all the best guys , do look into placements and the profiles offered before joining that b school(mainly in case of b and b+ grade college)

also check out the following

* xat 2010 Answer Key by IMS
* xat 2010 Answer Key by tcyonline
* xat 2010 Answer Key by career forum

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Anonymous said...

i'm having 64 percentile for XAT 2010. could anyone suggest which all colleges i should apply?

v said...

i got a percentile of 28.can i apply to any of the colleges with this mark.

Anonymous said...

i got 84.13 percentile..is der any gud college in maharashtra tht i can get at this score?

Anonymous said...

I got only 50.16 percentile in XAT-2010.;(.
Is it a decent score.??
Which coll am i eligible to get.??

Anonymous said...

i got a percentile of 79.23......wht are my chances to get in to wellingkar?

Abhay Sakharkar said...

hey my xat percentile is 79.230....which college should i apply

Anonymous said...

i have got 19.820 percentile in xat.
i knw its a bad score bt can iapply in any college with such low scores.
if not top 20 colleges.
thn any decent college with such marks....
please help me.

Anonymous said...

I got 71.89 percentile in xat 2010

Which coll 2 apply??

KISLAY said...

sir/mam,,,my score card of XAT-2010

Verbal Ability- 48.670

Quantitative Ability- 6.660

Reasoning & Decision making ability- 43.250

Total Percentile- 23.440

suggest me the various colleges in which I can apply 4 admssn. on the basis of the mentioned score.

dinesh said...


i got only 27.180 percentile
will b able to get into any college?

Anonymous said...

i got 82 percentile which colleges i can get

Anonymous said...

hey is the any clg who gv admission on 40+ %tile
pls rly

Anonymous said...

i got 16 percentile..which coll will i get?

Anonymous said...

My xat percentile is 86.46. Will i get a call from welingkar?

Anonymous said...

My XAT score is 76.Wat is the best collage that i can apply with that score??

kaustubhsatanekar said...

i got overall 46 percentile..
any chance?
any college will do

apoorva said...

i have 78.45%... can u please suggest wat shud i apply for.. i really need help..
thanx sir...

Aman Khatri said...

Hi Folks,
My score is as under:

Verbal Ability : 85.780
Quantitative Ability : 69.110
Reasoning & Decision making ability : 66.630
Total Percentile : 79.230

Please reply as to which all coleges can I apply to???
Waiting in Anticipation

Anonymous said...

i hav got 70.69 as my score do any 1 hav idea wht to go for..

Anonymous said...

I got a score of 95% but no calls from XLRI. Will I get a FPM call from XLRI??

Anonymous said...

hey , i got 57.23% which col i am eligible

Anonymous said...

hey i got 80.5 percentile in xat 2010... which colleges can i apply

Anonymous said...

i have got 82 percentile overall..88 in eng..69 in decision making and 71 in maths..can i apply to welingkar or xime..or r there any other decent colleges i can apply to??

vikas said...

i got 71.40 percentile can i apply for xiss vA 78 QUANT 38 REASONING 89.9

Amit Kumar Gaur said...

I have got 40.49 percentile can you suggest me college i can get call from..

Anonymous said...

hey i got 34.88%..shud i apply to ne colg?n wher?

Anonymous said...

i got 93.8 percentile wat can i apply?

Anonymous said...

hi i got 41.86centile
VA 45.760
Quantitative Abilit 37.570
Reasoning & Decision making ability 58.270

Anonymous said...

I got 79.23%le
which colleges should i go for??
pls guide....

Anonymous said...

i got a score of 69.39percentile.wich coll sud i apply for??????????plz do help

ravi said...

i hace gt onlt 70 percentile in xat with 72 in math 73 in reasoning and 51 in verbal can apply for any colg reply me soon plzzzzz

Anonymous said...

hie,pls help suggest wat to do next
Verbal Ability 93.38
Quantitative Ability 84.89
Reasoning & Decision making ability 43.25
Total Percentile 86.15

Anonymous said...

i hav got 55%ile in xat 2010. can i expect a call from xiss?

Anonymous said...

Hey i got 20.98 percentile in XAT 2010.
Which colleges am i eligible for?

Anonymous said...

hi my XAT score is as follows , can you please suggest any collleges that would take me in with this score
Verbal Ability 87.020
Quantitative Ability 30.430
Reasoning & Decision making ability 94.060
Total Percentile 80.970

please give me all the details
my email id is urvashiverma@in.com

any kind of help will be highly appreciated

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanted to know how many colleges in xat am i elegible for. .
Total Percentile 74.340
Reasoning & Decision making ability 92.910
Quantitative Ability 63.670
Verbal Ability 45.760
PLEASE REPLY SOON-Regards Aditi Kumar

Anonymous said...

Hi i wanted to know what are the colleges am i eleigible for
Verbal Ability 45.760
Quantitative Ability 63.670
Reasoning & Decision making ability 92.910
Total Percentile 74.340
My contact detail is aditikumar.ec@gmail.com
Please Advice soon . .
Aditi Kumar

Anonymous said...

i have got 62.310 percantile in xat will i get call from any college

Anonymous said...

hi my xat score is 50.15percentile in verbal 70 n quants 20 n reasonin and decision making 64 which college can i apply

Anonymous said...

hi my xat score is 50.1 percentile plz suggest me sme gud colleges which i can apply. in verbal 70 n quants 20 n reasonin n decision making 64 toatal percentile is 50.1 plz give me all details my id is tejal_an@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I got 84.69 %ntile
Please suggest which college can I get through?

Anonymous said...

I got 25% will i get any calls?????

Anonymous said...

hi i got 67%le. which colz i can get wit dis score??
plz help me??

chaitu said...

i got Verbal Ability:68.850 Quantitative Ability : 81.700Reasoning & Decision making ability:78.860 Total Percentile:81.670
can you suggest any colege for me...
my mail.id : chaitu.ekc@gmail.com

Swatanu Mohan Satpathy said...

Hello, i scored OVR 87.32%tile in xat 2010


Plz help me as to which colleges i could have a chance of getting a call.

plz reply me@ swatanusatpathy@yahoo.co.in

Anonymous said...

hey i got 72.28 percentile .......
can u help me in selecting the college

Anonymous said...

my xat 2010 percentile is 76.96. can u please suggest me some good b schools where i should apply? please help..
my id is chinnu308@yahoo.co.in

vaasu said...

i got 72.180 percentile
reasoning 61
verbal- 24
for wwhich colleges i can apply
plz reply me at dvasudreddy@gmail.com

bharath reddy said...

i got 34.88 percentile
verbal- 54
quant- 61
reasoning- 6
for which colleges i can apply
plz reply me at

Anonymous said...

Hey Ali here with my score

Please suggest any good colleges that i can apply to.

Total percentile: 83.4
Verbal Ability : 97.61
Quantitative Ability : 24.29
Reasoning and decision : 81.68


Anonymous said...

i have got total 47 percentile , which college can i apply to ??

Anonymous said...

sir,i got 13.72percentile.pleas suggest any good collage.ashutosh

sumeet said...

hello guys i got 45.230 percintile
which would i get plzzzz help me out
if any one plz send it to my mail id

Anonymous said...

hey ma xat scores are
Verbal ability-66.650
Quantitive Ability-28.320
Reasonin n decision makin ability-79.970
please suggest any good college acceptin dis percentile. can reply on preeti.dhaka1988@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hi my overall %ile in xat is 84......bt VA is only 51.....
will i get a call frm LIBA?

Anonymous said...

Hi plz help me out
i have got oly 50.25 percentile in xat 2010 can i expect a call from vit?
pls i'm confused help me out!
buzz me @ pvivek.smile@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

My name is Amutha christy,I have got 23%percentile in xat 2010 which college can i apply............

My email-id is amuthachristy@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

sir i have got 72 percentile in xat 2010 am i eligible for xiss or xime or welingkar

venkatesh said...


I got Xat 2010 62.310 percentile
Verbal Ability 64.350
Quantitative Ability 87.590
Reasoning & Decision making ability 10.980

Can u please suggest which colleges i can apply please

Anonymous said...

Verbal Ability 91.010

Quantitative Ability 52.650

Reasoning & Decision making ability 12.440

Total Percentile 58.370

Where should I apply?

Anonymous said...

sir, i got37.270 in verbal,24.290 in quant ,44.520 in reasioning and a overall of 26.420%.also i belong to sc cat.plzzz tell me shall i get any college from xat score.my emailid is deepika21a@yahoo.com. plzz reply me soon

Anonymous said...

sir,i got 78.5 in verbal ability 80.36 in quantitative ability 36.3 in reasoning and decieion making and 72.5 is the total pecentile in xat 2010 can u please suggest which colleges i can apply for........thank u my emailid is zea_jaya@yahoo.co.in

Anonymous said...

my percentile in xat is 32.76 nd wat r my possibilities of colleges........?
plz do help........

Anonymous said...

hey i got 75+percentile in xat which colleges should i apply and im elligible.

Anonymous said...

My xat score va 4.88 qa 1.48 reasoning 10.33 . Over all .68. What shoujd i conclude?

shruti said...

i got 85.1 percentile,which colleges should i apply?

mohsina said...

hii i have got 65 percentile in xat which college i am eligible to apply

mohsina said...

hi my xat percentile is 65.92,verbal ability 97.91,quantative ability 27.29,reasoning 19.58. which college i am eligible to apply for please suggest.my email id is aslam.mohsina@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

can sme1 plz tell me if the cut off marks mentioned above for xlri is 32 or is it smethng else?plz help a novice in dis area.

senthil kumar said...

hi i got xat total percentile is 41.470'verbal ability 18.10,quantative ability 55.150,reason and decision making 66.630,which college i am eligible to apply for,please suggest. my email id knsenthilkumar88@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

i got 84.48% in xat with sectionals
will you pls suggest good college for me at this percentile.
i want to know about xiss and which course is good in that college
and also about vit vellore,itm navi mumbai,isme,iame,iba bangalore . i got call from these colleges.
any other good college at this percentile pls reply me as soon as possible in my email.

my email id is nimishkapoor123@yahoo.co.in

Anonymous said...

xat-60.98 %ile
pls suggest some bschool options


hey wat percentile is minimum to qualify xat

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am to appear for XAT this year. I would like to ask you two things:-
1)While filling the form we were asked to choose institutes to apply for,from a list of colleges following XAT score. Do we need to separately apply for those colleges as even names such as S P Jain,XIMB etc. were there?
2) I went through ur blog. The cut offs of the last year for many colleges were mentioned viz. 35+90%tyl. What is "35" in the term? Is it the score?
I would love to have a reply from ur syd asap.
My e-mail ID is hifrmpiyush@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

What is the cut off for GIM(goa institute of management)? do ans in nishigupta_8888@yahoo.in

Anonymous said...

i have 65.4%tile . pl suggest a good b school?

Anonymous said...

hi , i am meera i got my xat result 2011 my totaL percintile is 49.84
logical reasoning-43.42
please suggest some of the good colleges which i can opt for? my score is less and i am sad but please help me out........... give suggestions to
gmail id-meera3nair@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

sir/mam, my total percentile is 12.4 whic college is eligible for me ?

prince said...

I have 58 percentilein xat 2011 for which college i can apply please tell me on

revanth said...

i got xat score verbal ability 64.04,quantative ability 56.07,resoning & decision making 2.02,total 23.87. i know it is very lowa percentile bt can i know in which collages i can get

Anonymous said...

hello sir,
my total percentile in xat is 67%. would you please suggest in which college am i expected to get admission?

Anonymous said...

i ve scred 78 percentile in xat...plz tl me which college 2 apply..

Mitesh said...

i got 67.22 total percentile ,Verbal Ability 97.21,Quantitative Ability 17.2,Reasoning & Decision Making Ability 32.46
i know which college i get

yash verma said...

i got
Quantitative Ability 49.97 %
Reasoning & Decision Making Ability 94.66 %
verbal 20 %
Total Percentile 65.4
is there any college i can get
plz help me guys...!!!

Anonymous said...

i got 50.54%in xat can u suggest me some good B colleges with this scores.
VA 42.19%
QA 17.2%
R&DA 85.32%
please help

Anonymous said...

what is xat 2012 cut off for imt ?