Sunday, March 21, 2010

If you have been watching IPL lately then you must have noticed a coming soon ad which ends with the popular brand logo Godrej. If you haven’t then check the ad below:

so the question in all your minds is what is ? is Godrej’s attempt at venturing into the mysterious world of virtual worlds for India. Their website is live and has a counter which states that they would launch in a weeks time. Adi Godrej had recently spoken about the platform and how it would be a platform to connect youth to the godrej brand. There have been brands who have looked to leverage the virtual world concept in the past as well like We had covered wipro’s foray into secondlife way back in 2007.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, and BigAdda now have more competition. This time it is from the Godrej Group, which wants to become a name every youth will associate with. CNBC-TV18's Tanvi Shukla and Avni Raja report on this latest initiative by Godrej's GenNext in the form of

It has become a household name for its locks and its soaps, but the Godrej Group is not satisfied. It now wants to become a name that falls from the lips of the Indianyouth. To this end, it is entering the virtual world with its very own social website .

This is a social networking portal that marks Godrej's foray into the entertainment segment through

Check Sneakpeek at


Video below: Virtual world as most would know isn’t a new concept. Secondlife which is run by Lindenlabs has been around since mid 2003. Infact since then it has had many competitors as well like Entropia Universe, IMVU, There, Active Worlds and Kaneva. India has always lagged behind when it came to virtual world adoption and the reasons range from the basic issue of bandwidth to the lack of concentrated effort by any international player to penetrate the Indian markets.

Secondlife recently published data on its 2009 performance and growth of the Secondlife economy here. Unlike facebook and twitter Secondlife doesn’t command lakhs of users in India. This means that on its own a virtual world concept hasn’t taken off in India. It will be interesting to see the monies being put and approach being taken for by Godrej. At the outset the setting created by them does look interesting. Check below:

Three kingdoms to live in: Urban Super City, Ancient Kingdom and Moon Colony.

Your digital avatars live a life and mingle with various Godrej properties.

An economy called ‘Karmic’ is going to run this world in

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