Saturday, April 3, 2010

trb selection list 2010

The Teachers Recruitment Board has conducted Certificate Verification in the ratio of 1:5 for the candidates who have been sponsored to this office through the Commissioner of Employment & Training, Guindy, Chennai-32, based on State-vide Employment Registration Seniority. The Teachers Recruitment Board has conducted Certificate Verifications in the districts on 02-11-2009 & 03-11-2009 and 30-12-2009 & 31-12-2009 for the candidates who were sponsored in trb selection list 2010..

Candidates, totalling 255, are provisionally selected in trb selection list 2010 as Graduate Assistants for the following Departments for the subjects Tamil, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, History and Geography in accordance with the communal rotation and certain priorities laid down by the Government of Tamil Nadu on the basis of State-vide Employment registration seniority list sponsored by the Commissioner of Employment & Training, Guindy, Chennai-32. The formal trb selection list 2010 intimation will be sent to them individually by post. Further notification / communication will be issued by the concerned Departments regarding counselling and placement. The results for remaining subjects will be released shortly.

Subject-wise List of Candidates Provisionally Selected for Appointment
V01 Tamil
V02 English
V03 Mathematics
V04 Physics
V05 Chemistry
V06 Botany
V07 Zoology
V08 History
V09 Geography

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