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endhiran movie review - endhiran hit or flop

Not up to the Hype Created !

Not a rajini movie not a shankar movie its a sun pictures movie(songs + fights+ extra graphics)

Today the much awaited more of Tamil film the endhiran movie released, unfortunately(or lucky..??) i dint get the ticket for the first day show for endhiran film , one of my friend made it , he is a hard core rajini fan , so i was just waiting to hear from him about the first hand endhiran movie review ,just the look on his face the moment it told the full endhiran movie review in a glimpse , to me i can describe endhiran movie review as in one word "as usual + the unusual"

hen i just went around the net for more critical views on endhiran movie review , i know i am not going to get anything new with this online endhiran movie review either but just googled around (did encounter lots of spam blogs on the way) , finally made it to what ia was looking for "the endhiran movie review" by to find if endhiran hit or flop

Dr Vasi (Rajnikanth) is a scientist with a mission. He wants to create the first robot which would not only serve tea and coffee to its masters but would have the power to serve humanity in more meaningful ways.

Punch dialog - "water boils faster when rajini stares at it "
He creates Chitti, the humanoid who looks like him and is willing to do anything for him. Trouble begins when he goes a step further and teaches the machine to feel. Chitti falls in love with the professor's girl friend, Sana (Aishwarya Rai) and ends up becoming an almost undefeatable rival in love, courtesy the red chip that a rival scientist (Danny Denzongpa) infuses in him. Can the creator tame the rogue robot or will machine rule over man?

Want to see what mainstream Indian cinema actually means? Go, watch Robot. The last 30 minutes of the film are literally the baap (grandmaster) of all make-believe and end up creating a whole new genre of cinema: the `curry eastern' which stands up as a wholesome alternative to the curry western. endhiran movie review For Rajnikanth fans, the climax is definitely a sure-fire way to lose your sanity.

endhiran movie review For non-Rajnikanth fans, it's a sure-fire way to understand the mystique and magical allure of Rajni saar, a hero who enjoys a demi-god status in several parts of India. Why? Because there are almost a hundred Rajnikanths eating up helicopters, smashing cars, battering planet earth and creating havoc, like never before. If you thought Terminator, Matrix, Godzilla was fun, then we guarantee you'll fall off your chair with glee as our desi T2-meets-Blade Runner-meets Neo-meets-Godzilla sets the screen on fire in a crazy, vengeance bid. Spoofy, yes. But super fun too.

Robot is primarily designed as an unadulterated tribute to the charisma of Indian cinema's ageless superstar, Rajnikanth. endhiran movie review And it's completely, wholeheartedly, joyously desi. Where else would you find a hero who literally shoots with his fingers! What's more important is the fact that you actually don't mind when the bullet whizzes out of his forefinger and hits the man in front in the head. Instant death! Ha Ha!

The high point of Robot are the super quality special effects endhiran movie review . All the Spiderman, Batman and Superhero antics of Rajnikanth have been done with exquisite elan by the Stan Winston Studio which reportedly provided the animatrics for films like Jurassic Park and Avatar. And all the stunts have been choreographed by Yuen Woo Ping, the Hong Kong based action director who created the high-adrenalin stunts of classics like Kill Bill and Matrix. Almost 40 per cent of the film's colossal budget (Rs 160 crores) has been spent on special effects, which, at the end of the day, seems all worthwhile endhiran movie review. For watching Rajnikanth running horizontal on a speeding train, clambering across burning buildings like Spiderman or mutating into gargantuan monsters does manage to shock and awe the viewer who's out there to have big time fun.

seen the movie ? what have you got to got to rant about endhiran movie ? give your personal experience about endhiran movie

i have just made a compilation of online endhiran movie reviews -
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endhiran movie review by sify - 3 STARS

Director Shankar (Jeans, Sivaji) keeps intact the superstar’s brand of exaggerated heroism while giving a visually blinding spectacle. This is one film where the crew line-up is as impressive as the casting coup.

The situations are super-outrageous, each more audacious than the next. There’s one where Chitti has a conversation with a mosquito. Another where he delivers a baby. An objectionable and highly regressive scene is where Chitti saves a girl from a burning building, only to find she commits suicide because she wasn’t clothed when rescued.

Yes, this is that brand of cinema where subtle is a bad word. In fact, you’d be accused of being conceited for demanding such refinements from a Rajinikanth film.

endhiran movie review(endhiran hit or flop) by vigadan

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endhiran movie review by india glitz

"On the whole, rajini's endhiran is a action-packed mass masala film for his ardent fans but with loose ends." more...

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Zypher said...

Endhiran is not a Rajini movie. The Winner here is CG. There are instances of the Rajini's Style, Dialogues. 1st Half goes well but the 2nd half drags towards the end.
Rajini Fans will enjoy.
Non- Rajini fans please do not have any big expectations.
Kids might enjoy for the CG.
All in all its that sort of a Rajini movie which you can watch only once.

Anonymous said...

Where to watch endhiran movie online ?

Anonymous said...

endhiran first show review from India ?

Steve said...

Its really a good attempt …. Fisrt half is cool… Second half is little bit lagging in speed with some boring scenes(Mosquito ..Kalabavan mani scenes)..But in climax sequences it reaches the peak.. For Rajini Fan surely it will be a treat… For those who often sees english movies feel some similar sequences in terminator, Hancock , i-Robo …

On the downside, there are far too many computer jargons and terms like gigabyte, IP address, worming and de-worming, which the ordinary viewer will not understand. The ‘mosquito scene’ and Kalabhavan Mani’s ‘One-day boyfriend’ scene hampers the tempo. The film doesn't just deliver solid entertainment for hardcore Rajini fans as the usual ingredients associated with his films like punch lines, electrifying stunts, sentiments and mass comedy is missing.

Anonymous said...

super movie , you can watch it for 100 times , rajini again makes proud for tamils

Anonymous said...

its only for tamils

Jagan said...

An awesome movie in the history of cinema this is the first movie showed spent each penny not went in waste..... Graphics is awesome.... when we can accept the movie Avatar defenately this movie is a milestone... we can see shankar's effort in the movie made, Rahman's music is topped.... what, more you can expect in 2 and half hour movie.... we have set up a good example of improving the cinemas.... Last about Rajani he is Versatile actor in his 60's he is showing a change and competing with the youth... :-) friends hats off for Rajani... Everyone can watch and enjoy the movie...

Steve said...

First day First show... Really one should enjoy the fans roar...
Now Abt the Movie...
Its really a good attempt …. Fisrt half is cool… Second half is little bit lagging in speed with some boring scenes(Mosquito and Kalabavanmani coming scenes)..But in climax sequences it reaches the peak.. For Rajini fans surely it will be a treat… For those who often sees english movies will feel some similar sequences in terminator, Hancock , i-Robo, Universal Soldier etc...

Anonymous said...

Watched Endhiran Yesterday ! Its totally an AWESOME movie filled with special affects. Its a boon to Rajini FANS !!!!!!! Will be a superhit !!

It has all the things that a typical Rajini movie needs ! Way to Go Shankar !!!

Anonymous said...

Its a Flop Movie.. Nothing special in tat movie..

Inttimes said...

Nice keep it up!

Anonymous said...

first half is cool and the second half the director has made us a mah mahhhhhhh and makes us lose our patient .according to the proverb excess of honey is also a poison ,the graphics makes us to haste the movie

jaya said...

Movie is good.Really worth to watch this movie...Atlease for three or four times..

developers said...

Excellent i watched 4 times in the span of two weeks. . . Still need to watch another time

Anonymous said...

It is a wonderfull movie, especially villan robo is superb. I am enjoyed lots.

Superb Superb Superb Superb............

Anonymous said...

Movie is good in fst half nly,second half ,y shankar adding xtra scene like mosqitue scene,second half shankar belived only graphics items,Gilimancharo sng gud...but y they people shoot 3 sng in set...snd half if villan rajini speach much na it ill gud but he have only 2 dialogues,but continiously laughing,In sivaji mottai bosss came 5 min but it is we can watch nly 1 time...2 nd half i am hear any clap from audience exept 2 scene(may scene,seetha piratti scene)...

1.educated people says (it is not like a terminator )

2.uneducated people says(it is mystry flom,athavathu viralasariyar padam)......

Vasi----60 mark
Villan robo-80
Sabu siril-----60

700 marks out of 1000
Rajini fan

devi,madurai said...

the entire film was wunnerful i loved it!. the scenes where chitti helps sana was good(the train scene,exam hall,the scene where chitti smashes the speaker etc).vasee's character was up to the mark.rajni and shankar have fulfilled our expectations.after seeing the movie i have become a great fan of aishwarya rai batchan!!,in short the whole team of endhiran has worked hard to bring out the movie endhiran(robot)as a successful one all over the world.

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