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raktha charitra 2 movie review | raktha charitra 2 hit or flop

raktha charitra 2 movie review | raktha charitra 2 hit or flop | raktha charitra 2 review|raktha charitra 2 film review hit or flop|raktha charitra 2 hit or flop

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story of raktha charitra 2 movie

The sequel carries forward the tale of power and revenge which exploded in Rakht Charitra 1. The rebel leader turned politician, Pratap (Vivek Oberoi) consolidates his political base but is forced to retread the path of vengeance once again after a rival from the past, Surya Narayan Reddy (Suriya), chooses to avenge the assassination of his family. Surya swears vengeance against Pratap after his family is wiped out in a bomb attack and Pratap is hell bent on decimating his enemy, even if it means separating ways with his mentor and political veteran, Shivaji (Shatrughan Sinha).

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We see a car bomb planted to kill Pratap, which he escapes. His people find out that the bomb was planted by Narsimha’s son Surya (Tamil actor Suriya) thirsting for revenge.

The story track has several similarities with Part 1 where it was Pratap who was distraught after the murders of his father and brother and wanted to even the score. So, the revenge and counter-revenge episodes continue as people on either side are murdered in the most gruesome manner.

The story also has similarities with Ram Gopal Varma's Company that released in 2002. Those who have seen the film will remember that it was a small misunderstanding that led mentor and protégé to become sworn enemies.

Here too, half-truths lead either side to ruthlessly mow down each other. Add to that a chain-smoking DCP with a stylish swagger who appears and disappears at will, and you get the feeling that he's a shade of the cop in Company who is getting either side to surrender.

Mercifully Part 2 is less violent that the first, which was a series of murders and rapes. And there are a couple of scenes that really have you at the edge of your seat, like the one where Suriya is escorted to the court.

The camera, that's always hand-held and edgy in Ram Gopal Varma's films, goes topsy-turvy this time. So you have two people conversing with the camera swerving till it's completely upside down!

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The first few reels of the film are devoted to a recap where the director tries to introduce newbies to Rakht Charitra Part 1. And it's all done in a fast forward manner which makes the violence and the high-octane drama even more hysterical. Quite irritating. But soon, the film settles down to somewhat new territory where the story follows a similar format, albeit in a slightly more gripping manner.

Thematically, the drama unfolds in a familiar guns and gore fashion, where one bloody attack is followed by another as the two protagonists, Pratap and Surya, battle it out for supremacy and survival. But the violence is choreographed stylistically, the camera angles are unconventional and the action cuts explode in slow motion, adding a surrealistic touch to the killing fields of small town India. Also, this time, the characters manage to connect with the audience, because the chopping and blasting is interspersed with a bit of drama and dialogue. Here and there, you do manage to get a few emotive sequences between Surya and his wife Bhawani or between Pratap and his wife Nandini. And yes, there is also a high voltage encounter between Surya and Pratap where the two blood-lusting enemies engage in a verbal duel instead of drawing blood.

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Rakta charitra 2 Review 'Raktha Charitra 2' caption 'After Robot The Rajini - It`s Surya - The Ghajini' which grabbed everyone`s attention but disappointed Surya for comparing him with the superstar. Surya is playing the key role in Raktha Charitra 2, director RGV who got an excellent review for Vivek Oberoi`s portrayal as Partiala Ravi in first instalment wanted to launch Surya in a grand way in Bollywood. So, the director willingly used the caption of this film along with Superstar Rajinikanth recent movie 'Endhiran - The Robot' Raktha Charitra Part I focuses more on the emotions of the characters than just banking on the gruesome violence. Violent scenes from the Part 2 are edited to make it appealing to larger section of the audience. Surya is said to be given the best performance of his career. Surya and RGV happens to be the USP of this flick and the mesmerizing performance of Surya is expected to go beyound the expectation level. Music review of Rakta Charitra 2 The best tracks of the first part of Rakta Charitra 'Maar De' & Mila Toh Marega' are placed in Raktha Charitra 2 as well. Maar De' is all about.

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In Rakht Charitra 2 , director Ram Gopal Varma continues the revenge saga that he started with the first film, which released in October.

In case you missed it, Varma begins with approximately 25 minutes of footage from the first film to bring you up to speed. At the screening I was at, most people thought that Rakta Charitra 1 was playing by mistake. Clearly Varma doesn’t believe in montage.

The films are loosely based on the life of Paritala Ravindra, a political leader from Andhra Pradesh. While the first part focused on the rise of Pratap, played by Vivek Oberoi, the second focuses on how his arch-enemy Surya, played by South star Suriya, takes revenge.

It’s a high decibel, heavy-handed saga of killing and counter-killing without a break or even a larger point.

Though Varma does tell us at the end that the film demonstrates the futility of violence - a noble sentiment, which is not unlike preaching abstinence at the end of a porn film. Because for over two hours Varma explores the myriad ways of inflicting violence– so heads are crushed, limbs are severed, families are bombed and bullets pierce bodies without a pause.

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