Monday, April 11, 2011

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results

tamilnadu exit poll 2011

As tomorrow is the tamilnadu assembly elections 2011 . we shall be updating this page once the election is over with the tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results . generally the tamilnadu exit poll 2011results will be done once the all phases of election is over ,as this time the election in tamil nadu is just in one phase we shall get the tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results by april 13th evening . the last time the tamilnadu exit poll results was quite close to the actual results. the tamilnadu exit poll was conducted by the hindu-cnn ibn in 2006. below is the jist of tamilnadu exit poll results in 2006.

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 -
tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results by CVoter
tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results by cnn-ibn

Seat Projections for Tamil Nadu


Vote shares

2006 (Actual)2011 (Estimate)
BJP Front23

ADMK+ leading and gaining among women voters


AIADMK+ doing well among younger voters

18- 25 yrs42403849

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results by headlines today-org
aiadmk+ -164
dmk+ -68

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results on an average

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results for dmk - 61

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results for aiadmk - 134

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results for congress - 11

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results for bjp - 4

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results for dmdk - 19

tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results for others-5

tamilnadu exit poll results in 2006

Tamil Nadu has given its verdict and it's exit time for Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.
The battle for power in the state seems to have turned decisively in favour of the DMK-led alliance in the last lap with M Karunanidhi's coalition headed to record a thumping win with two-thirds majority in the 234-member House.
Interestingly, it was anybody's game in Tamil Nadu till the last hours and the battle between the alliances of the two major Dravidian parties had gone down to the wire.

A CNN-IBN-Hindu tamilnadu exit poll, which was conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies on Monday as the state voted in a one-day polling, showed the DMK-led alliance was going to bag somewhere between 157 to 167 seats in what seemed to be huge anti-incumbancy wave that eluded most political observers in the runup to the polls.

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Anonymous said...

when will the tamilnadu exit poll 2011 results be out

Anonymous said...

which channel has tamilnadu exit poll results live ?

SK said...

EC banned exit polls between 4th April and 10th May.

Anonymous said...

Headlines post poll analysis is out. It says DMK+ has a slight edge with 48% vote and ADMK+ with 47% vote share.

Anonymous said...

dmk aliance will get 150+seats definitly.

Anonymous said...

surely dmk will be destroyed....worst c.m should step down..

Anonymous said...

get lost DMK no need of family Govt. this time AIADMK will rule..

k vijey anandh said...

dmk must win

selvamanikandan said...

dmk aliance will get 141 seats....

Anonymous said...

ADMK WIN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

TN worst corruptive CM is Karunanidhi ... he should be defeated this time ... And he deserves it ...

Anonymous said...

first of all exit poll not giving right things when we taken 2009 general elections exit poll said that admk + will win 28 seats and dmk+ will have 11. but the result shows dmk +28 and admk +12 only nakkeeran and star tv exit poll only said dmk will get majority seats. in this election the women definitely for dmk i little bit surprise that admk also got same vote % and young voters also more diff in it that cannot be taken in to account, because only north tv channels shows the 2g spectrum and tamil nadu people, and elections about jaya and kalaigar not spectrum scandals and price hike it has alover india not only in tamil nadu

Anonymous said...

I dont understand how even educated people are fooled by Karunanidhi... People have lost their thinking capability... Tamil Nadu will be destroyed if DMK comes to throne again.

Anonymous said...

why jaya rule in tamilnadu? she is a puppet and sasi only ruler. she cannot control sasi family. she never do for people of tamilnadu. she is not a real politician. head weighted selfish personality. had she done any memorable work during her last rule. nothing, nothing.

Anonymous said...

If dmk wins Stalin and youth people should come to power and if Admk wins it should be a minority govt

Anonymous said...

DMK will win

vijay said...

Dear All, Nothing is going to change as you say or i say. As far a i know AIADMK will come to power..
Dear All, only infrastructure is grown in dmk regime but overall growth is possible only with AIADMK Government. A Leader should be strong Enough to take some Bold decisions even if it is a wrong decision. Such Leader is JJ with out any doubt. Last time I voted for DMK. But after seeing the atrocity in DMK government and after realising the there is no good Leader in DMK i have opted to vote for AIADMK only for the sake of Defeating DMK. These Great robbers has 20% of Industries shares in Tamil Nadu.
Every Political Parties Promising to give Grinders, Mixe, fans and much More.. Why cant they give Free Education for the Coming generation. Let us fight for free education.. which leads No Poverty, No corruption, A real SUPER POWER INDIA - A Number 1 State TAMIL NADU. Let us Dream Now that became Tommorrow's reality.

Anonymous said...

all the best