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big tree data is brought to you by Apex Web Services and Online Education Pvt Ltd.
Big tree is used for creating a huge database of persons across the globe with a relation to each and every contact. To achieve this, Big Tree is using the power of network marketing, popularly called multi level marketing.

big tree data buys the contacts information from all its Partner Users. Partner Users have the option to sell their contacts and get financial benefits. Partner users also get benefit from referral and binary, which is more clearly explained in the career page.

All of you might know the success of social networking sites. The huge success is the result of the invitations sent by the Partner users. All social networking sites automate a system to send invitations to their respective contacts. In social networking websites, you DO NOT get any financial benefits. But Big Tree Data give real cash of every invitation resulting in an activated contact. More details are mentioned in the career page.

Whereas big tree data will contact several big corporate / business houses and exploit the database in many ways like; conducting online surveys, email campaigns, sms campaigns, product selling by collective bargains, publicity of political parties, etc many other possible options to generate big money.

big tree data also respects individual privacy and will never indulge in any act, which will disturb the individual’s privacy.

**Open a Partner Account in and start sending invitations to your contacts (friends, relatives, etc)

**Big Tree Data will then send invitations to your contacts on behalf of you in the form of a beautiful E-Mail or SMS or both with an activation code.

**Once your contact receives your invitation, he or she has to enter the activation code in the activation area. This completes the verification and activation of the contact.

**A partner user can submit a maximum of 240 active contacts from a single account.

**A person can open any number of partner accounts.

**If your active contact converts into a Partner User of Big Tree Data, then you will get an instant credit of referral commission.

**All Binary commissions will be credited on a daily basis.

**The company conducts paid promotion campaigns from the data collected and pays to all its partner users.

**All partner users will work and develop a Big Tree of their own, which the company uses to promote new products / services on a regular basis with referral and binary incentives. This will see that all partner users need not look for new companies in future.

**Global Online Business Opportunity with US Dollars as base currency.

**Online Joining with Paypal, LR, Alert Pay, Perfect Money, etc.

**Online shopping with latest products and services.

Decide the type partner account you want to open. Then deposit the amount in any of the following bank and inform by email to You will get the PIN number by e-mail.
Bank:state bank of india
Account Name:Apex Web Services & Online Education Pvt Ltd.
Account Number:30240943287
IFSC Code:SBIN0008025.

for further details about big tree data visit the link given below

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