Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The best of kolaveri di based videos

Now that "why this kolaveri di" video has already crossed 20million hits on its way to become the most watched video on youtube (long way to go though , may be we need shakira to do a cover for this kolaveri song to make why this kolaveri di song most viewed song in all time)

the popularity of the song cannot be gauged just from number of views it alone has , a variety of kolaveri based videos have helped it move this long(not those duplicate uploads of the original kolaveri song which has quarantined quite some chunk of viewership of this song)

Some of these kolaveri remake/remix/cover are too good not to notice , so here the best of kolaveri based videos in you tube .

10.Why this kolaveri di Exam Version
One of the Earliest Video based on kolaveri - was a hit among the student community for obvious reasons !


9 Sharad Pawar Slap Song ~ no description needed~

8.Mama vango paadungo - Why this Kolaveri di - best fan tribute - watch the video (even in mute) you will know why I put it here

7.why this kolaveri di dance by the japanese
 - shows the international reach

6. Why This Kolaveri Di (Instrumental) cover - one the authentic instrumentalist cover for kolaveri song

5 Why this kolaveri da (Reply Cover -Female version) - the best female cover out there her voice is really gr8

4 Why This Kolaveri Di (Acapella) - Bruce  - Man this guy is got the real voice for the song hope he does a full cover

4 why this kolaveri di chipmunk version - the best Remix and very entertaining video good sync

2 Why This Kolaveri Di - English R&B Remix - authentic English cover by 'Peter' Guy - currently this video is on fire 

1 Kolaveri Di featuring Nevaan Nigam - the best of all kolaveri based song - you got to give it to the kid amazingly cute performance.

In case you feel any other kolavery version is worth to be  featured here let me know.
I know it feels like to listen to the  original track after listing to all these version so here it it is 

Will fallow up with more on funny versions of Kolaveri Song.


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wow nice compilation of best of kolaveri versions available on the net