Sunday, December 4, 2011

what is kolaveri meaning ?

what is kolaveri ? meaning of kolaveri

As kolevery is going rage over internet Globally . there has been lots of confusion about the very word "KOLAVERI" , may be it could even make it to oxford dictionary before that lets get things straight about "kolaveri" meaning.

Here goes the

what is kolaveri meaning "?

literal meaning - 'Kola' - kill + 'veri' rage   so it zeros down to "Killer Rage"

But in the circumstance of the song where the guy sings the "Soup song" or the sad song to be literal, the Guy questions the Girl -"why this kolavery di "? so in the Context it translates into "why did you dump me" kinda thing its more language oriented thing that might not make sense to take the English meaning of it (it doesn't make much sense in tamil itself), its just singing in coherent lyrics in a depressive mood.

if you still have confusions do put them in comment we shall try our best to get it clarified from the Dhanush (who pen-downed the lyrics in 6mins !!!)

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ps: not sure hoe the word got its spelling this way "kolaveri" could also be kolevari or also kolevery ? now the sony music guy who uploded the song should only answer this 


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what is kolaveri in Japanese ?

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kolaveri in oxward ??? lol