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padikathavan movie review - remix of run ?

the much awaited movie of this pongal padikathavan(or the hype built up by sun tv) released today with danush and tammana in the lead roles. i am a fan of danush(not a die hard fan ). want to check out this padikathavan flim, this time i got luckier as i got the tickets for padikathavan movie(unlikein case of villu), watchedthe movie in a suburban theater. iam just back home to post a blog about padikathavan movie review.

i personally dint expect much from this movie, after having seen the padikathavan movie trailers knew it was kinda masala movie, and it turned our out to be the same. (goto next paragraph incase u just need the padikathavan movie review) i was even thinking if its worth to make a blog post on padikathavan review is it worth enough ?. but i want to give my reders a true padikathavan movie review, i know the pain that people go through while searching they end up just lots of "padikathavan movie review | padikathavan review".... ect but no actual review in their blogs. and tipical ones which which have a link to anaother blog just to find out not there also. its high time google got things sorted out by removing these spam blogs from their index. sorry guys to divert you from the topic padikathavan review to my personal rant on spam blogs. (one advise i can give you is look for the results care fully if they are just key words do avoid them).

padikathavan movie - a remix of run ??

now back on track with padikathavan review. nothing new in the story. good guy cant study(obious from the title), falls in love with glam doll at first site(tammana, she my fav), just then they go to dream world for a duet. withing few shots the girl too fall in love with this padicadhavan(ofcouser he is our hero what othere options she has), and they comes twist(twist or as usuall ??). the girls got a bad dad (why do these prettygirls always have a bad dad ?). so our tail jacki jan (danush) has to fight his way to attain tammna, and does the same(what else would you expect). this movie kinda resembles run(tamil movie with maddy, wow thats a classic) , but this had more of masala to it. i dont know why people over here make such hopeless movies. even the bollywood experiments a lot these days.i belive expect for few people (like , kamal,prakash raj,mani rathnam(my fav),gauthameven bala ) who makes some standard movies otheres are quite hopeless, just betting the same old masala track(but for how long...?). ok now enough of the padikathavan movie review, my fingers are lazy , that for padikathavan movie review this is more than enough i think. i also when through the net searching for padikathavan movie review to find what othere people think about and what have they written about the padikathavan review,(just to make sure i dint have a odd taste) to my happiness when i came across the padikathavan movie review by behindwoods , to my satisfaction , he too feels the same about the movie , i dont read the full padikathavan movie review , instead checked out the rating of padikathavan movie review, it was just "one star" , i knew i was write, i thing if you ask the whole audience to write a review of padikathavan , all would have the same review.

ok these are the padikathavan movie review online i compiled

padikathavan movie review by behindwoods

"On the whole, Padikathavan struggles to identify itself between comedy and violence and ends up not being both.

Verdict – Only for the strong stomachs!" more

padikathavan movie review
by india times - dint find it still

padikathavan movie review by india glitz they dint want to waste money on it i think

do share your personal experience about padikathavan filim review

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Anonymous said...

is padikadavan better that than, from your reviews i can guess both villu and padikadavan are flops not hit, but which one is better ,i desperately eed to go for a tamil movie(its long since)

Anonymous said...

Go for Abhiyum Naanum - a superb film with lots of comedy and sentiments.