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kulir movie review hit or flop

kulir movie review hit or flop

Film: 'Kulir 100'; Direction: Anita Udeep; Cast: Sanjeev, Aditya, Riya; Music: Bobo Sasi; Cinematography: L.K. Vijay; Rating: * 1/2

just a few days back, much awaited teen movie kulir 100 movie released, unfortunately(or lucky..??) i dint get the ticket for the first day show for kulir film ,,o i was just waiting to hear from him about the first hand kulir movie review ,just the look on his face the moment it told the full kulir review in a glimpse , to me i can describe kulir movie review as in one word "as usual"

kulir movie review by

Meant to be translated 'Cold 100' about reforming of a teenaged brat-pack gone astray. The movie flounders meaninglessly with unconvincing incidents, and a central idea and cardboard cutout characters with more holes than Swiss cheese.

Surya (Sanjeev) studies in a public school in the Ooty to escape his rowdy father's wayward ways. Surya practices non-violence even under the gravest provocations by his schoolmates.

A kind father-daughter duo of principal Vijay (Aditya) and Tanya (Riya) and a classmate Babloo (Bebo) support Surya till the third kid gets tragically murdered.more..

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