Sunday, June 7, 2009

mp pet 2009 answer key

mp pet 2009 was held onjune 7th , mp pet 2009 was much tougher compared to mp pet 2008 test , mainly the di and logical resoning was tougher compared to verbel which was easier that mp pet 2008,

as the strength of students taking mp pet 09 exam is less the leading mba coaching institutes like ims ,time,career launcher,pt education havent yet published their mp pet 2009 solution infact they have not even published mp pet 2009 answer key, till now only tcyonline has come out with mp pet 2009 answer key download section wise also with detailed mp pet 2009 analysis , the best place to know how well u did the paper is to know how the otheres have done the paper has a thread on mp pet 2009 analysis and discusssion, when you go through it u will know the students reactiopn to mp pet 2009,expected and likly mp pet 2009 cut off and may also find the mp pet 2009 answers explained, in some cases they may also report errors in mp pet 2009 answers given by various coaching institutes,

mp pet 2009 solutions and discussion - here

mp pet 2009 answer key by Gupta Tutorials -here

(to be updated)

mp pet 2009 solutions - here

* mp pet 2009 quantitative aptitude answer key download : here
* mp pet 2009 analytical and logical reasoning : here
* mp pet 2009 rc answer key download : here
* mp pet 2009 verbal answer key : here

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