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muthirai movie review | muthirai hit or flop

muthirai movie review - hit or flop

Today the much awaited more of Tamil film the muthirai movie released, unfortunately(or lucky..??) i dint get the ticket for the first day show for muthirai film ,

one of my friend made it , he is a hard core fan , so i was just waiting to hear from him about the first hand muthirai movie review ,just the look on his face the moment it told the full muthirai review in a glimpse , to me i can describe muthirai movie review as in one word

update : i saw the movie due to friends completion this what i have to say " want to watch muthirai movie review and dint get tickets ? don't worry take any old standard vijay movie that you got and watch it again,celebrate pongal with your family at home and watch the speally lpongal show on tv (they are better),dont wate time on this movie , time is precious , money too , better go donate that money for this movie ticket to the needy, you would atleast earn good deeds "

then i just went around the net for more critical views on muthirai movie review , i know i am not going to get anything new with this online muthirai movie review either but just googled around (did encounter lots of spam blogs on the way) , finally made it to what ia was looking for "the muthirai movie review" by to describe the entire review in line

go for it

seen the movie ? what have you got to got to rant about muthirai movie ? give your personal experience about muthirai movie

i have just made a compilation of online muthirai movie reviews -

muthirai movie review by behindwoods

Not too long that we griped about the lack of movies that keep the turnstiles busy, comes Muthirai, packed with action, sentiment, love and comedy good enough for two movies. Director Srinath knows his onions only too well and as a result, the racy story is further strewn with countless twists – some drab, but most of them surprisingly convincing fuelling the pace of the movie ensuring that there’s never a dull moment in the script.

Muthirai’s story is a tightly knotted web that unfurls during the course of the movie with the help of plot aids, significant with such fast-paced movies such as double crosses, treachery and felony.

muthirai film review by india times

Twists, like bolts from the blue, packed in every nook and corner of the script unfold rather unexpectedly and since you are not at a loose end, it leaves no time for you to think before another one takes over like it’s a loop. Fifteen minutes into the movie, Rakhi gyrates her way into the script lip-syncing the raunchy number ‘Night is still young’ in her barely-there garb. That sets the tone of the movie and everything from then on is uphill.

Pardon the cliché, but the role does fit Daniel Balaji to a T. His killer looks (literally, that is) and the all-is-chill attitude works for the role. A satisfactorily done job is attributed to Nithin Satya. Of the ladies, Lakshmi gets more footage and scope while Manjari is confined to a few scenes and the rather tolerable Alagaana Neeyum song, in her voice. Talking of it, only the July Maadathil song speaks of Yuvan’s name and the rest of them just fade from memory as soon as the end credits roll on

mutthirai movie review by india glitz

Muthirai is fast and filled with oomph and all that is required to keep you on your toes over the weekend at the theatres. With the stretched-tight script, neat direction, fast men and glamorous women, Muthirai might just be the kind of entertainer you missed for a little while at the box-office.

muthirai movie review by

muthirai film review by times of india(toi)

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