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luck movie review luck movie hit or flop

the not much antisipated movie of bollywood "luck hindi movie" will release today july10th, you can get the " luck movie review " from various bollywood portals here. keep checking this page for luck film review. as we there are lots of movies releasing as due to the strike by bollywood producers had stocked up many movies for release so read the luck movie review before making your decision , check out this page to c if luck movie hit or flop

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luck movie story

luck is a wild roller coaster romp through the underbelly of a teeming metropolis, featuring an assortment of zany characters - a carthief, a conwoman, gangster, godman, film producer, builder, actor, his duplicate, mechanic, prostitute, chauffeur, hitman, cabbie etc;

Desperate men and women shadowboxing with the vagaries of chance and fate, whose madcap antics result in their lives getting inextricably entwined with each other, leading to madness and mayhem.

luck movie review- worth a visit!!!

really good movie you will love it surely luck is hit , below are the reviews of luck by popular bollywood portals check them out

luck movie review by times of india

toi rating of luck -

Fasten your seat belts for a zany black comedy that begins with Guru (Kay Kay) stealing a car, stuffed with money and ends after a colourful touristy ride through Mumbai's downside, as our beleaguered hero tries to pay back the lost loot. But not before he connects with the bad Bong girl, Mona (Rimmi Sen), who has her own get-rich-quick mission planned and needs a partner to swindle the pop-corn munching property dealer (Yashpal Sharma). Interestingly, the connection doesn't end here. Like an intricate web, it keeps adding other interesting links, without losing out on continuity and logic. So, Guru and Mona must first encounter the other wannabe millionaires -- the film producer, the actor's double, the don's sidekick, the disgruntled chauffeur, the absent-minded mechanic -- before they can return don Faujdar's (Anupam Kher) stolen money.

The film may have a raw look and lack technical finesse, but don't be fooled. For luck is a roller-coaster ride through downtown Mumbai (or any other metro) with its chota-mota crime and its chatpata characters. Truly, a delectable bhelpuri, marked by some fine acting by the ensemble cast. Standing tall amongst them is the mercurial Kay Kay and the quicksilver Rimmi Sen, who pitches in one of her best performances as the bindaas Bengali badmash, complete with the tacky clothes and the patchy make-up. Savour it.luck movie review by india times -

luck movie review by indiatimes

indiatimes rating of luck Rating:

Falling in the same genre of crime-comedy capers like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or the more recent Hindi film 99 , luck is a dark comedy with all grey characters in the city of Mumbai. Not really a roller-coaster ride, this one is more of a merry-go-round drive with several characters circularly connected to each other through multiple money rotations. Thankfully it’s not slapstick but follows a crazy-yet-credible storyline.

Guru (Kay Kay Menon) is a small-time car-thief who gets a facelift to his stolen automobiles through Ganpat (Dilip Prabhavalkar) before selling them off. On stealing a swanky Mercedes, Guru chances upon a crore of rupees in the vehicle but little does he know that the car belongs to Faujdar (Anupam Kher). Before he could return the riches to Faujdar, Ganpat loses his memory. Only he knows where the currency is concealed.

There are too many characters, too many plots, too many sub-plots, too many twists which fortunately sums up for too much fun. Multiple characters are introduced in the initial reels and are concurrently correlated with other characters. The writing by Pankaj Advani is wacky, witty, weird and wild. The pacing is too fast to breathe, gasp, feel, absorb, react or relate. Despite that the humour never gets farcical and the screenplay doesn’t muddle up into confusion and commotion

luck movie review by sify

sify rating of luck

luck may not boast of stars to lure the audiences, it may not have a colossal canvas (on the contrary, the making is very basic, it may not have a terrific musical score to act as a hook (there are hardly any songs here), but luck succeeds, and succeeds largely, in its endeavour: Make the viewer laugh at the right places.

Comedies, today, can be segregated into two categories - brain-dead entertainers and intelligent comedies. Films like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Bheja Fry and luck fall in the latter category.

Let's be honest. Not all of us can think whacky or come up with a crazy madcap comedy like luck. It requires a wild and imaginative mind to come up with one and most importantly, execute it with panache. Debutante director Pankaj Advani gets its right on both the counts. Sure, there are glitches in the narrative, but Advani compels you to sit and listen to the story he intends narrating.

Final word? Don't give luck a miss just because the film doesn't star the Khans or Kumars. This 'City' is worth a visit!

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