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modhi vilayadu movie review - hit or flop

Today the much awaited more of Tamil film the modhi vilayadu movie released, unfortunately(or lucky..??) i dint get the ticket for the first day show for modhi vilayadu film ,

one of my friend made it , he is a hard core fan , so i was just waiting to hear from him about the first hand modhi vilayadu movie review ,just the look on his face the moment it told the full modhi vilayadu review in a glimpse , to me i can describe modhi vilayadu movie review as in one word

modhi vilayadu story

Raju Vasudev (Vinay) is a happy-go-lucky guy without the worries of an ordinary man and being the son of one of the richest businessmen in India has its own advantages. Rajan Vasudev (Kalabhavan Mani) is his father and the successful proprietor of the renowned organization OPM that is spread across the globe. But, he thrives at the cost of other miniscule industries and inhumanely plays bad with the lives of other employees. With his acerbic tongue and disrespect for people, he creates hostile environment everywhere he goes that becomes a threat for his son. Raju with his housemate Madhan and his trusted body guard Alexa lives in his flat at Boat Club while he comes across LR Eswari (Kajal Agarwal). For her debts, he hires her to work at his home and eventually love blossoms. Things take a twist when Rajan's enemy hires an assassin to terminate his son and the great escape from the grave danger sets the pace for the rest of the plot.

Beginning with a rich and elegant atmosphere, the first half is entirely dedicated to Vinay and Kajal Agarwal's sequences. The films picks up pace with unexpected twists and turns in the next leading to a satisfying climax. It's not surprising to see the chocolate boy Vinay fit so aptly into the role of a rich man's son like a T. He's handsome, charming and his own dubbing does justice to the character he plays who's often strolling with the models. Kajal Agarwal looks cute and acting wise she has done her part best showing false anger often. Supporting cast of the film is a big plus including Cochin Haneefa and Kalabhavan Mani. Characters like that of the body guard Alexa, CEO of the company and Mayil Samy are laudable for their work.

then i just went around the net for more critical views on modhi vilayadu movie review , i know i am not going to get anything new with this online modhi vilayadu movie review either but just googled around (did encounter lots of spam blogs on the way) , havent got one

seen the movie ? what have you got to got to rant about modhi vilayadu movie review ? give your personal experience about modhi vilayadu movie

i have just made a compilation of online modhi vilayadu movie reviews -

modhi vilayadu movie review by behindwoods

Saran is back on the big screen after quite a hiatus. The last time his film hit theaters was in 2006, Vattaram. Saran has been strangely subdued for the past three years. But, this Friday, all that is set to change as he prepares to make a dash at the box office with Modhi Vilayadu.

With Vinay and Kajal Agarwal in the lead, the movie tells the story of a young man who struggles to get his identity

and position back in society. The film has been shot mostly in foreign locations that include Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Finland.

The film looks good to create a few waves at the box office. Vinay is just about becoming one of the bankable actors in Kollywood after his first two films, Unnale Unnale and Jayam Kondaan did quite well at the box office. A third hit in a row will put him in a vantage position and he will be having his fingers crossed. Kajal Agarwal on the other hand is searching for her first hit in Kollywood as lead heroine. She has played a few support roles here and there, but it is here that she is bound to get noticed.

An interesting feature of Modhi Vilayadu is its music. For the first time, Colonial Cousins Hariharan and Leslie Lewis foray into film music and quite a few will be curious to find out how the melodious singer and his partner have fared in composing music.

Others in the cast of Modhi Vilayadu include Kalabhavan Mani, Aalayam Shriram, Santhanam, Mayilsamy and Amith Dhavan. Dialogues have been written by S. Ramakrishnan and the camera has been handled by Karun. Vairamuthu has penned the lyrics for the tunes of the Colonial Cousins.

Modhi Vilayadu is also a critical form gauge for Saran because he is about to embark on an important and big project straight away with old friend and trusted ally Ajith – Asal.

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