Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6th pay commission arrears|sixth pay commission arrears

6th pay commission arrears|sixth pay commission|2nd installment 6th pay commission arrears|6th central pay commission

the finance monistry of india has announced the 2nd installment of 6th pay commission arrears.the finance ministry has implemented the new pension scheme -pre condition of 2nd installment of 6th pay commission arrears.

As communicated vide this Department's Resolution No.l/l/2008-IC dated 29th August, 2008,  had decided that the arrears on account of implementation of Sixth central Pay commission's recommendations will be paid in cash in two instalments - first instalment of 40% during the year 2008-09 and the remaining 60% in the financial year 2009-10. The first instalment has already been paid in 2008-09. It has now been decided that the remaining 60% of arrears may now be paid to the concerned Government servants.

2. Further, as already stipulated vide this Department's O.M. No 1 (2)/ EV/2008 dated 17th August, 2009, in the case of post - 0l.01.2004 entrants into the Central Government, the second instalment of arrears may be released only after individual application forms for registration to the New Pension Scheme have been obtained by the DDO/PAO from the concerned Government servant.

3. As in the case of the first instalment of arrears, Government servants will be permitted to deposit their arrears in their GPF Accounts. Though not mandated, Government servants are encouraged to deposit their arrears in their GPF accounts.

the new scheme is aimed to revise the pension scheme of the 6th pay commission arrears.

the finance ministry has advised that all employees under administrative control must complete the form and forwrd immediately (latest by 3ist august).

it is siad that the release of 6th pay commission arrears is subjected to action completed mentioned above.

6th pay commission arrears will be cleared by 30th september 2009 if the above mentioned is completed at the earliest.

Bonanza in the offing for Government employees as Centre is to release 6th pay commission arrears shortly. This is the second installment of 6th Pay Commission to be given. Government so far has given 40% of 6th pay Commission. Government has asked employees to apply for claiming arrears. There are about 3.8 million central government pensioners (excluding armed forces) as estimated by All india central government pensioners association (AICGPA). The revised pension scheme was implemented with retrospective effect from Jan 1, 2006.

6th pay cmmission arrears calculator

the form for the 6th pay commission arrears is availible in the ministry of finance site.

for further information reg 6th pay commission arrears visit the link given below:

6th pay commission arrears link

6th pay commission arrears link

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