Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tanlasolutions.com-official site of tanla solutions

the official site to tanla solutions is tanlasolutions.com , the site might be down now due to high traffic but tanlasolutions.com is the only site having information on tanla solutions. some people mistake tanlasolutions.com for other sites like tanlasolutions.com or tanlasolutions.in or   tanlasolutions.net instead of tanlasolutions.com.
Mehta told CNBC-TV18, "tanla solutions is a company in which we have investments and recommendations earlier but that’s a company which has hugely disappointed and whatever the management has said over the past they haven’t been able to fulfill as to what their projections are and what their estimations were. Last quarter and in the quarter before the results were quite disappointing, so maybe we are seeing some opportunistic buying taking place in that stock but I think that maybe if it crosses about Rs 100 which is possible, given the low float, it would be a good level to get out of the stock."

following you have direct link to tanlasolutions.com

www.tanlasolutions.com link1   

tanlasolutions.com      link2

as its mentioned earlier the official site to tanla solutions is tanlasolutions.com only

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